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Up Analytics; your new Legal marketing partner?

9 December 2019

Up Analytics, a full-service, boutique marketing agency announced its launch in October 2019. The London and the Netherlands based agency will provide services for companies nationwide in a variety of areas including website optimisation, marketing analytics and strategy, search, omnichannel marketing, SEO, and more.

Mansfield: Homes Evacuated after Massive Landslide

5 December 2019

Residents living near an old quarry were forced to evacuate their homes for two weeks after a month’s worth of rain in a day triggered a huge landslide. While they have now been allowed to return, more collapses in the area and more heavy rain forecast means that the threat remains.

Understanding flood risks for property transactions

5 December 2019

Here is our latest infographic looking at various flood risks and how they can affect property transactions.

The challenges of verifying identity when the client is abroad

4 December 2019

“As fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, digital identity checks can play a vital role in protecting both conveyancing firms and clients from identity theft and related scams”

Pinkney Grunwells selects Proclaim Practice Management solution from Eclipse

4 December 2019

Leading regional law firm Pinkney Grunwells is set to implement the Proclaim Practice Management solution from Eclipse, the Law Society Endorsed legal software provider.

Law firms alerted to live chat following christmas

4 December 2019

Moneypenny, the UK’s leading provider of live chat services to the legal sector, is alerting firms to a spike in activity in the week following Christmas.

Six ways law firms can prevent employee fraud

4 December 2019

The evolution of digital technologies and data is creating exciting opportunities for businesses, but it also makes the threat of fraud more complex. Many organisations, including law firms hold sensitive and confidential data and hackers and fraudsters are likely to try and steal this data and firms may find themselves as victims of fraud. It’s important that law firms ensure they have robust systems and stringent controls to ensure the integrity of their businesses and their client’s data.

Implementing self-service technology for your clients with a web portal

4 December 2019

Clients are precious, after all, they pay the bills. And yet, despite their importance, so much effort goes into finding new clients as opposed to looking after existing ones. A happy client not only provides repeat business but is a great source of referrals and this is exactly why SME firms across the UK are turning to online portals to engage, interact and collaborate with clients.

Tikit announces twelve NetDocuments wins in recent months

4 December 2019

Tikit, a global provider of technology to law firms, today announced they have won twelve NetDocuments sites over recent months across Europe. The cloud-based document management platform has been adopted by clients such as The Council of Europe, Raue, Saffery Champness, Walker Morris, Mewburn Ellis, Howes Percival and Kennedy van der Laan, to name a few.

The Future of Work

3 December 2019

According to a study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) around 1.5 million workers in England are at high risk of losing their jobs to automation, with women, part-time workers and young people disproportionately affected.

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