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Ground Gas: The Lessons from Loscoe

25 September 2020

In 1986, a bungalow in Derbyshire was completely destroyed by a landfill methane explosion, badly injuring the three occupants inside the home. This now famous and near-tragic incident served as a low-water mark in landfill management practices and site investigation.

Ian Bond shares his thoughts on industry hot topics in podcast with Title Research

25 September 2020

In episode seven of the Topical Talks podcast, Title Research was joined by expert guest, Ian Bond, Head of Wills & Estates at Thursfields Solicitors and former Chair of the Law Society’s Wills and Equity Committee.

Certainty Will Search helps to obtain evidence in a validity of a Will dispute

25 September 2020

There is a great weight of evidence from Contentious Probate specialists that a Certainty Will Search can and does change the outcome of potential and existing dispute claims.

Home Buying and Selling Group’s (HBSG) Industry Pledge

25 September 2020

While MHCLG has previously provided some pertinent guidance for improving the home buying and selling process, more needs to be done at a time when the market is struggling with delays and failing to match rising levels of demand. Industry commitment is now needed to take its guidance one step further.

Know Your Client: How do you Choose an eIDV Provider?

24 September 2020

There has been a significant uptake of Electronic Identity Verification (or eIDV) solutions by law firms across the UK in recent years.

Title Research’s Financial Asset Search service, powered by Inheritance Data

23 September 2020

Did you know that earlier this year Title Research launched an online asset-searching engine that can help you during the estate administration process by locating the deceased’s assets and maximising the value of the estate?

Creighton and Partners: SOS Connect early adoption leads to more business during lockdown

23 September 2020

Dawn Wilson has been a member of Creighton and Partners for 20 years. The firm, which specialises in family law with an emphasis on children’s cases, has been slowly eliminating paperwork from its processes starting in around 2017.

Learn how to build a great legal team

22 September 2020

Law firms can learn how to build a great legal team and how to tackle the challenges being faced by law firms as a result of COVID at Access All Areas 2020 as some exciting additions have been made to the panel of speakers.

Specialised estate planning law firm Sub Rosa chooses iManage Cloud

21 September 2020

iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that Sub Rosa Law – a boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida that provides an international client base with specialised estate planning services – has selected iManage Cloud and iManage Work 10 as the ideal choice for its work product management needs.

Alexander Legal Service selects Eclipse Compact+ solution from Eclipse

17 September 2020

North-east-based Alexander Legal Services is implementing the Proclaim Compact+ solution from Eclipse Legal Systems, a Law Society partner.

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