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Santa’s note to staff – Christmas 2021

As revealed by Nigel Wallis, director of Legal Futures Associate O’Connors Legal Services Limited [1]

As you may have heard on the grapevine, Mrs Claus and I will not be working this Christmas. We have managed to bag a last-minute package deal to the Democratic Republic of Barbados and, whilst we appreciate the timing is not ideal, Mrs Claus feels we need some time out to thaw our frost-bitten joints.

As Christmas tends to be quite a busy time at the North Pole Post Office, I am circulating this note just to remind everyone of a few essentials to ensure a smooth trading period whilst the boss and I are away enjoying ourselves.

I do hope everything goes well over the festive period – it’s such a shame there’s no phone signal or internet connection in our luxury hotel.

Happy Christmas and best wishes to you all!

Santa Claus