19 May 2020

Selling your PI caseload or practice: It’s a seller’s market

Whilst it may be counterintuitive to many, there are more PI law firms wanting to buy than to sell. It has become a seller’s market that is even stronger given the high demand during the pandemic.

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14 May 2020

Doctors, teachers and pilots do it, so why not lawyers?

If you were to find yourself on a surgeon’s operating table, on a plane or back in the classroom, you would be in the hands of a professional whose ability had been independently checked in the last five years.

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12 May 2020

Why the Covid-19 business support measures are insufficient

Criminal defence firms (particularly SMEs) are unlikely to survive after Covid-19 unless the government considers additional financial measures to those currently available.

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7 May 2020

Why you should offer online wills (particularly during Covid-19)

Recent research estimated the wills and probate market as worth £1.3bn and found that 12% of those completing a will did it themselves without any professional help.

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5 May 2020

Eight top security tips for homeworking

Many managing partners will, I’m sure, now be breathing a huge sigh of relief because they’ve achieved homeworking for so many of their staff, so quickly and with relative ease.

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Report Cover
Our latest special report, produced in association with Temple Legal Protection, looks at the role of after-the-event (ATE) insurance in commercial litigation post-LASPO. We are at a time when insurers, solicitors, clients and litigation funders work ever more closely to create funding packages that work for all of them, with conditional fee and even damages-based agreements now part of many law firms’ armoury.