10 October 2019

How much is your SEO budget?

If the answer is ‘what SEO budget?’, then we have a major problem. Building a website is like putting up a fancy electronic billboard in the middle of the desert. SEO is the action of driving people to look at it.

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8 October 2019

The effect of new technology on the legal sector

According to a report from the Law Society, growth in overall legal sector employment is likely to decline, partly as a result of “increasing adoption of new technology and new working methods”.

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1 October 2019

The Ten Legal Software Commandments

OK, so this is not Mount Sinai, but the following tips for law firms wishing to make a success of choosing and implementing a new legal practice management system should certainly be set in stone.

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24 September 2019

In conversation with the SRA – the Standards & Regulations

In the time that we have until November, it’s a chance to reflect as a business and as an individual. Changing culture is really key; you don’t need to look at rules and regulations to do that.

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16 September 2019

The Amazon effect

I have to be honest and say it still amazes me how many lawyers we come into contact with, who are still behaving like dinosaurs when it comes to technology. It’s not about chronological age.

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