9 February 2021

Lawless lawyers: Is dishonesty really worse than a sexual offence?

Recent disciplinary decisions have seen a uncomfortable trend: some lawyers committing sex offences are allowed on carry on practising, but almost anyone guilty of dishonesty continues to be struck off.

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5 February 2021

Key considerations for implementing new technology

Technology is designed to disrupt the workplace and so change management and leadership are needed to see its appropriate and most effective implementation.

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2 February 2021

Ditching office space is a costly business

Slashing office space is being treated as the panacea for Covid-19, but at what cost?  This aggressive and arguably short-sighted approach is creating a very virtual, almost dystopian legal environment.

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29 January 2021

When it comes to professional development, the future is hybrid

What is really worrying law firms, whatever their size, is how best to help their lawyers develop the skills they need in a remote working environment. The Bar faces the same challenges.

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26 January 2021

Everything has changed. Nothing has changed

For the majority of Black and ethnic minority citizens in this country, legal services are still as hard to reach, as hard to choose, or as hard to trust, as they were years ago.

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