6 May 2022

Fundamental business habits that modern law firms need to succeed

Regardless of your goals, running a successful law firm involves mastering the basics and adopting habits that help you remain competitive.

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29 April 2022

Estate administration: the digital assets dilemma

The rapid increase in the range and prevalence of digital assets is creating an ever-widening gap between the technologies and the lumbering legal systems trying to keep up.

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27 April 2022

Six ways to improve your clients’ conveyancing experience

According to a recent study, more than half of homebuyers found the process of buying a property more stressful than they expected, with solicitors not replying cited by 28% of them.

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22 April 2022

Can legal technology be used to serve vulnerable clients?

While legaltech cannot and should not promise to be able to alleviate all challenges in closing the access to justice gaps in society, there are ways that it can ensure greater access to justice for vulnerable clients.

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19 April 2022

Ageism in UK and US law firms

Partners reaching the mandatory retirement age often find themselves forced to challenge it as potential age discrimination and/or seek to negotiate a limited extension.

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