6 August 2020

Overcoming Covid-19 career anxieties

The pressure to perform drives incredible careers and much success but does come with a cost at times. A global pandemic has added even more complexities into our personal and professional lives.

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3 August 2020

BSB entities offer positive future for the Bar

The chambers of the 17,000 or so practising barristers in England and Wales face, arguably, their greatest time of challenge and controversy since advocates first took up arms in the early 13th century.

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30 July 2020

My lockdown legacy – what will yours be?

As we go back to work, we will not – and should not – forget the lessons we learnt during lockdown. I really hope that we drive change as a result and create a positive legacy for our industry.

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27 July 2020

Diversity without inclusivity is mere tokenism

Until under-represented groups reach a critical mass (of 30%) in partnerships, boards and chambers, problems of sexism and exclusionary working practices in the legal profession will not be eradicated.

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22 July 2020

Law firm marketing post-Covid: In-house or outsource?

During times of business stress, marketing budgets are usually among the first cut because they are often viewed as non-essential. But spending on marketing is vital for steadying the ship when the storm passes.

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