Winner of the ILFM’s Law Firm Software Users Award 2023 is Insight Legal

The Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM) has announced the winners of its prestigious award in the industry for legal software suppliers.

Congratulations to Insight Legal, Gold Award Winners.

Runners-up, with the Silver Award, is Quill.

Insight Legal is a software firm specialising in Legal Accounts, Practice Management and Case Management system. The software is specifically designed to meet the needs of UK and Irish Law Firms. As a team Insight Legal design, develop, deploy, train, service and support the Insight Legal system for all the firms who use it.

Feedback from the survey was extremely positive, with comments such as:

“Insight constantly make upgrades and amendments to keep the software up to date and compliant.”

“There are always tweaks and changes that are required when using any software over a period of time. Insight are always open to listen and help to find solutions to any suggestions we have.”

“This is a comprehensive software all the users seem to be happy with the section of work they need to use it for.   We are incorporating more functions as we get used to the operations of various procedures.”

For more than 17 years, ILFM’s members have been asked for their feedback on their day-to-day use of software and asked to choose their award winners based on a set of questions. Members are asked to give their honest views of their legal accounts software package and how it helps to carry out their duties.

The ILFM has thousands of members with a wide range of roles mainly in legal cashiering and law firm finance, practice management, compliance, and law firm owners.

The ILFM remains strictly impartial, and no recommendations or advice are ever imparted to the members.

Deborah Witkiss, Chief Product Officer, Insight Legal, said:

“We are extremely proud that Insight Legal have been awarded the ILFM Law Firm Software Users Award, especially as 2023 marks the seventh year receiving this prestigious accolade. Thank you to the ILFM for your continued support, and especially to our users for taking the time to vote. Your feedback means so much to our team, who work hard to deliver continuous improvement to our legal accounting, case management and practice management software, alongside exceptional customer support.”

Tom Wormald, Managing Director, Quill, said:

“We are delighted to again be recognized by our clients who voted for this year’s ILFM Law Firm Software Users Award. It is heartening that so many continue to endorse us, and would recommend us to their peers, highlighting the reputation we’ve earned for our legal accounts, case and document management systems. We’re passionate about innovating for our customers and, as part of Dye and Durham, we look forward to integrating even more solutions that, together, offer our users everything they need to manage and grow their legal practice.”

This highly respected and sought-after award is presented to the winners to show that they have earned the title “ILFM Law Firm Software Users Gold Award 2023” based on actual users’ feedback.  The award will be personally presented by Lubna Shuja, Immediate Past President of The Law Society of England & Wales, at the prestigious RAF Club, in London in February 2024.

This year the ILFM has collaborated with the LSSA (Legal Software Suppliers Association) and thank them for their help and input.

With thanks to Andy Harris, Partner at Hazlewoods LLP, for his independent verification of data and results.



Insight Legal




Tim Kidd, Chief Executive at the ILFM, commented:

“With legal technology evolving it is clear from our member feedback that efficiency, helpful tailored solutions and a genuine commitment to customer service is key to what legal professionals need. We continue to work with our members, software firms and the Legal Software Suppliers Association to ensure our members can carry out their roles in a compliant way and to meet with ethical and regulators requirements”


For reference, the questions to ILFM members on their software:

  • Do you find your software supplier approachable and straightforward to deal with?
  • Do you consider your Software Supplier to be ethical in their dealings with you?
  • How satisfied are you that your software supplier communicates new features and functions to you?
  • How satisfied are you that the software helps you carry out your role in a compliant way and meet with your ethical and regulator’s requirements?
  • How satisfied are you that the software helps you carry out your role in a more productive and efficient way?
  • How satisfied are you with the overall look and feel of this software?
  • How satisfied are you with the overall ease of use of this software?
  • How satisfied are you with the ability to integrate other software with this software?
  • Overall, how well does the software meet your needs?
  • How likely is it that you would recommend this software?
  • How satisfied are you with the QUALITY of how helpdesk/support calls/tickets are handled?
  • How satisfied are you with the SPEED that helpdesk/support calls/tickets are handled?
  • How satisfied are you with the reliability of this software?
  • How satisfied are you with the security of this software?


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