Wills and Digital Assets

Certainty National Will RegisterOur October Certainty Expert Webinar will be hosted by Mark Solon and James Ward who will be looking at digital assets within Wills.

Facebook, Instagram, Bitcoin – all things that might not be at the forefront of your conversations with your private clients at the moment, but as the ‘Generation Xers’ and ‘Millennials’ get older, and thoughts of mortality creep in, these are likely to be hot topics of discussion. Like it or not much of our lives, both professional and personal, has found its way into the digital sphere. It is now important for all practitioners to consider and discuss with their clients what will happen to their digital estate on their death.

Get up to date and stay ahead of the competition with our one hour Certainty Expert Webinar covers the practical and the legal aspects of a digital demise, including:

  • What are digital assets
  • What the law says on who actually owns digital assets
  • Dealing with digital assets in the will making process
  • Who has access to those digital assets on death
  • Examples where fiduciaries have struggled to gain access to digital assets on death
  • The issues in locating and accessing digital assets after the death has occurred
  • How the law in this area needs to be updated to keep pace with technology
  • Discussing the recent proposals from the Law Commission on bringing the law of Wills into the 21st century

Join our webinar on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at 12.00pm for our free hour long Certainty Expert Webinar.

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