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Protect your client’s property purchases with the official drainage and water enquiry.

When undertaking searches for a prospective property purchase it never pays to cut corners. Which is why the CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry is considered such an essential component of the conveyancing process.

The official drainage and water enquiry, the CON29DW offers an accurate and comprehensive service, without the risks associated with a less complete personal search. Produced solely by Thames Water Property Searches and the other water and sewerage companies in England and Wales, it provides crucial and deal breaking information regarding water and sewerage, with a clear trail of responsibility leading directly back to the data source.

You can be sure that the teams who answer each CON29DW have expert knowledge in their field, having received specialist training to interpret water company records. The CON29DW comprises 25 standard questions answered directly by the water company – so a search carried out in Cumbria will include the same important information as one carried out in Cornwall. As an official provider of the CON29DW, Thames Water Property Searches produce over a quarter of a million of these authentic drainage and water searches each year.

The esteemed CON29DW can be consistently relied upon to flag up potentially costly problems and legal issues that could impact on the value, title and maintenance costs of the property as well as future development. All this is supported by a robust level of legal protection, with a £10 million liability, that looks after the interests of homeowners and their solicitors alike.

For example, an enquiry result in the North East incorrectly indicated the location of both foul and surface water sewers. If this had been a personal search, terms and conditions would have exempted the search provider’s responsibility for 3rd party data. This could have thwarted the homeowners plans to extend the property or else face the unpleasant prospect of diversion costs amounting to £17,000. However, because it was a CON29DW enquiry both sewers were diverted at the cost of the water company, enabling the homeowners to go ahead and build their extension.

Likewise, an enquiry in the South West showed a stretch of supply pipe as publicly owned and maintained. Following a leak in the supply pipe, the customer contacted the water company to fix the leak. A site visit revealed the pipe to be privately owned by the house owner. However, the enquiry provider admitted liability and replaced the whole private pipe to fix the leak and ensure no future problems for the homeowner.

The belt and braces approach offered by the official drainage and water enquiry over a personal search provides:

  • comprehensive information regarding water and sewerage for a prospective purchaser;
  • crucial information that could affect the use of the property after purchase;
  • full redress through an explicit and robust Law Society recognised guarantee that should any of the Water Company information be incorrect then the source provider will be liable to put it right.

Most valuable of all, however, is the peace of mind that only an official CON29DW can provide. When you opt for a CON29DW drainage and water enquiry you can rest assured that you have left no stone unturned in getting hold of all the relevant information. Nothing has been left to chance.

Make a choice. Choose CON29DW.



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