What do your end-users want from moving to the cloud?

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Currently within the legal sector, there is a focus on cloud technology and which cloud type – public, private or hybrid – will best match the requirements of law firms. However, tangible user-centric value often slips under the radar.

Technology isn’t just about the infrastructure and devices. Technology revolves around the end-users. What they are doing and why, what they need to do and how they use technology to execute these tasks.

In this blog, we highlight what your users want from your cloud environment, which will help you to plan a successful cloud strategy.

Straightforward security solutions

Cybersecurity solutions can be laborious and complex for end-users, which can leave law firms vulnerable to breaches as a result of human error.

Reduce the likelihood of human error by designing security solutions that put the user first by automating their routine, such as access to systems through single sign-on or user behavioural analytics to monitor regular user patterns and automatically report anomalies.

Accessibility and agility

User demand is one of the main driving factors behind digital transformation, with agility being a key driver of productivity. With the rise of remote working, users expect to be able to access the data, files and platforms that they need from anywhere at any time on any device.

To achieve agility, law firms must be able to adapt their technology solutions to the requirements of their end-users and their working practices.

Time-saving automation

According to the annual Legal Trends Report, lawyers spend 71% of each workday on administrative tasks. Reducing manual processes by introducing cloud-based automation of client intake, document assembly, client communications, knowledge management and more, the legal sector can save both money and time, and provide their employees with a more enjoyable and manageable work experience.

Speedy access

Users expect to be able to access business-critical resources quickly, so that they can complete daily tasks and deliver high-quality customer service to the best of their ability, and so the need for bandwidth is essential.

It is vital to closely and continuously monitor your infrastructure, applications, servers and network bandwidth, and make changes where necessary, to achieve best performance, increased efficiency and maintained long-term viability and success

Law firms must acknowledge the importance of a user-centric approach when investing in technology. This will allow them to control costs, enable agility, increase client value and improve adoption rates, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

If you’re interested in learning more about taking a user-centric approach when designing your cloud environment, download our eBook – User-centric cloud design for the legal sector.


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