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Webinar: How to convert more telephone enquiries for personal injury work into business

LIPS LegalWith next April’s Civil Liability Act reforms looming on the horizon, there has never been a more important time for law firms to maximise their conversion rates and reduce the cost of acquisition.

And with competition for work only hotting up, if you don’t master the right techniques of call handling, you stand to lose huge amounts of potential work to your rivals.

The reality is that persuading a potentially good personal injury client to say ‘yes’ to you requires more than good legal know-how. If your team doesn’t have the right mindset, techniques, personal skills and call-handling structure, you will miss out on a serious amount of business that you could win.

In this practical and engaging Lips Legal [1] webinar, Howard Cooper will cover:

 This is one hour pre-recorded webinar that you can view via laptop or mobile device at any time.

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