adds Third Party e-Signature Sequencing to its Range of Services

Black VirtualSignature.comLeading eSignature and digital onboarding provider has announced an additional feature for its platform which will give law firms even more options with the signing and execution of legal documents and help to streamline workflow.

This new and unique eSignature Sequencing solution enables clients to effectively control and customise the order in which documents are authorised, signed and witnessed, where multiple parties are involved in a transaction.   For example, a conveyancer handling a property sale, can authorise a contract and then add his or her client’s details to the document for signing as well as include the details of the solicitor handling the purchase (third party).  That solicitor can in turn be invited to add his own clients to the document for their eSignatures to be applied.  Witnesses can also be nominated and added at any point.

This latest innovation came about following discussions with a law firm who had very specific requirements and envisaged a need to better control its e-signature processes as well as connect seamlessly with other organisations.  VirtualSignature was able to quickly and easily develop a solution to satisfy this need.  After successful trials the new Sequencing and Third Party Linking, which includes private messaging options can now be offered to any organisation and used for a variety of transactions.

If you would like to know more about these new features or how VirtualSignature can help find a solution for your business, please call 0333 335 5176 or visit


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