Veale Wasbrough Vizards or Who needs IT Suppliers?

Scott Ridley-Technical Director-DPS

Scott Ridley, Technical Director at DPS

When national law firm Veale Wasbrough Lawyers merged with niche London law firm Vizards Tweedie in 2009, one area of integration involved the case management systems.

Veale Wasbrough had been using DPS’s software solutions for 10 years before the merger that included DPS’s Conveyancing case management system, case tracking and online fee quotation software. This system was great but they needed to change it to suit the working practices of the new business they had acquired.

The beauty of the current DPS system was that the IT team at Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) could get together with the conveyancing department to decide what they needed. Simon Mark, the firm’s IT Manager and Jackie Roe, the head of conveyancing were in charge of the project, amending the system to suit the needs of the newly formed firm.

It took them a month, part time to amend the system and they were then ready to roll it out to the London colleagues. The process was so seamless that the firm was able to manage it themselves and only informed DPS afterwards.

Jackie commented on the firm’s decision:  “After using DPS Convey, Web Quoter and case tracking software for 10 years, we felt confident about the products’ potential and also felt confident about our ability to roll it out ourselves. We even trained our users without any assistance from DPS- that’s how comfortable we were – and of course still are- with the software.”

Simon said:  “We have used DPS for some years and love the independence it offers us. We are a self-sufficient team and do not like being beholden to any supplier – we like the idea of being able to manage a system ourselves. Of course we’d get DPS involved if there was a lot more work to do but changing letters, flows and procedures is simple enough.”

Scott Ridley, DPS’s technical director added: “We were pleasantly surprised to hear what VWV have achieved by themselves. This project demonstrates that our technology solutions- though complex- are easy to implement, irrespective of a firm’s current IT infrastructure. An Internet connection is the only thing you need to have in place to use our software. We applaud VWV’s spirit of initiative as well as their thorough understanding of our products.”

Six years after the merger (and 16 years after embracing the DPS software solutions), the firm counts over 300 staff and has opened an office in Birmingham. DPS’s conveyancing software and case tracking solution have enabled a joined up approach to the way the conveyancing team work across offices.

VWV is a full service law firm with a wide range of specialisms. The firm takes pride in the way they treat their clients and strive to improve their customer service standards through the use of technology. mylegalspace– DPS’ client portal solution allows all parties involved in a conveyancing transaction to track the progress of a case and exchange documents securely. DPS’s Web Quoter ensures that their prospects are always able to get accurate quotes for VWV conveyancing services, online.

The integrated DPS system used by VWV enables the firm to make the delivery of their conveyancing legal services far more efficient.


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