Understanding the actual ROI of a document management system

By Legal Futures Associate Advanced

How do you calculate the return your legal firm will get from investing in a document management system (DMS)?

It’s a question that’s being asked very widely as firms consider the next step in their digital transformation. To help with the answer, Advanced’s whitepaper explains how to calculate ROI using an alternative and more objective approach.

Instead of focusing on projected efficiency gains that fall under the label of ‘soft cost’ savings, here we’re working out the actual ‘hard cost’ savings that accrue when you implement a Cloud-based DMS, so that decisions can be based on hard data, delivering high credibility.


The adoption of a Cloud-based document management system makes sense on several levels: they enable more robust management and control of documents; they’re better for collaboration, compliance, security and business continuity; they enable remote working and save firms money by boosting productivity.

But how can you prove that it’s to the firm’s advantage to invest in a DMS before you make that commitment?

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Read the whitepaper and use Advanced’s handy ROI calculator to work out exactly how much your firm could be saving.


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