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Two new reasons why mapping properties needn’t be a challenge for conveyancers

tmgroup logo 200 [1]Fresh from the release of an update to their new commercial property portfolio tool, tmgroup [2]have announced the launch of two new time-saving mapping features to help conveyancers streamline their property transactions.

The two property mapping services have been developed in close collaboration with conveyancers from across the industry and integrate with the Land Registry in order to save time and hassle when creating cases and conducting title investigation.

Map search

The Map Search facility enables conveyancers to recreate the Land Registry Map Search service from within tmgroup’s platform for conveyancers, tmconvey, by creating cases and ordering OC1’s directly from a map. It saves you time by making it quick and easy to carry out title investigations.

Conveyancers can:

More information [3]

Mapping data layers

The enhanced mapping data layers provides conveyancers with aerial imagery and Local Authority boundaries layered over the map, helping them to make informed decisions on a property from the outset, saving time and hassle.

Conveyancers can:

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Sales and marketing director Ben Harris said:

“Fresh from the update to our Land Registry Extract Tool last week, we’re bringing two further customer-led developments to our system to save conveyancers lots of time in their property transactions.

“Our new Map Search feature brings the Land Registry’s MapSearch functionality right into tmconvey, which means that conveyancers no longer need to visit two websites and rekey information; whilst our enhanced mapping data layers provide property information up front helping users make informed decisions earlier on in the transaction.”

tmconvey mapping features

tmconvey gives you the starting point to create a case directly from a map and provides the most advanced mapping tools a conveyancer can access, featuring:

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