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13 October 2016

tmgroup logo 200Transparent Terms and Conditions give everyone peace of mind that they are receiving a fair service from tmgroup – no matter what size their firm is.

Almost everyone has sat on a plane and wondered how much the person next to them really paid for their ticket.

Did they pay more than you? Did you pay more than them? Is it possible with so many travel agents peddling different prices that you actually paid exactly the same?

Of course, there is no way to know… Unless you happen to bring it up in casual conversation… And then what? Someone will always come off worse.

No customer should have to worry that their neighbour is getting a better deal

We strongly believe that no customer should ever be made to feel this way – especially when there is more than just your holiday money at stake.

This is why we ensure that our Terms and Conditions are exactly the same for everyone signed up to them, with no perks, tweaks or special favours thrown in.

Whether you are a small, high street firm operating with a handful of solicitors, or a national firm with hundreds of fee-earners, there are only two sets of tmgroup Terms and Conditions to choose from:

  • Premium Terms and Conditions
  • General Terms and Conditions

Sharing T&Cs with another firm will never be a sensitive issue

We work hard to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are the best that they can be – and don’t reserve added perks for a privileged few.

This is particularly important when you consider commercial transactions; where it is not uncommon for searches to be relied upon by the other sides’ lawyers who are within their rights to ask to see a copy of the terms to satisfy themselves that adequate cover is in place.

Our consistent, transparent approach ensures that sharing such details will never be a sensitive issue for your firm.

All updates to our T&Cs benefit everyone automatically

We’ve also recently updated our premium Terms and Conditions, as well as our general Terms and Conditions.

Everyone currently signed up to these Terms and Conditions will benefit automatically from these enhancements, while new customers will take on the improved Terms and Conditions as standard.

For more information about our Terms and Conditions, contact your Account Manager, or get in touch with Helpdesk on 0844 249 9200 or

Jon Horton is the account director for tmconnect.

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