Top Ten Reasons to Will Search

CertaintyOver the last decade we have frequently listened to the recommendations and requirements of the legal profession in regard to Will search and ensured that Certainty Will Search does exactly what is needed.

We have outlined below the top ten reasons to Will search with Certainty the National Will Register. We hope you find it informative reading.

#1 At least one in ten Will searches by Certainty results in a Will Find

At least 1 in every 10 Certainty Will Searches results in a Will being located where the estate was presumed intestate or a later Will being discovered.

#2 size of the register

The register now has over 7 million Wills in the system and this figure rises daily. In addition, Certainty operates a unique online national Will search system which enables searches to be made for unregistered Wills.

#3 strictly private and confidential

When a Certainty Will Search identifies a match is made the ‘searcher’s’ details are passed directly to the law firm or organisation that holds the Will for them to authenticate and discuss the probate matter with the searcher.

#4 search for the Wills that have not been registered

A ‘Certainty Will Search Combined’ checks to see if a Will has been registered with Certainty the National Will Register and conducts a geographically targeted search for Wills that have not been registered (includes Certainty member and non member law firms).

#5 increased service

A Certainty Will Search Combined (searches the register and also searches for Wills that have not been registered), coming soon we will also search with Will writers from both the Institute of Professional Willwriters and the Society of Will Writers.

#6 legal opinions and references

Referenced in leading Practice Notes, Guidance Notes, Legal Opinions and books supporting the use of Certainty as a risk management and good practice tool.

#7 used by thousands of solicitors

Circa 2000 law firms are members of Certainty the National Will Register ranging from sole practitioners to over 150 of the legal 500 and many of the most respected firms in the country; this figure rises daily. Solicitors report that probate clients are happy and take comfort from a Certainty Will Search being carried out and the Will Search report placed on file. In most cases where a Will is found, the law firm who held the Will was unaware that the testator had died until the Will Search was conducted.

#8 protection and peace of mind

Evidence following Certainty Will Search ‘finds’ demonstrates that the searches prevented the testator’s wishes being unfulfilled because the Will would have been left untraced, or a negligence claim had been avoided because the estate was distributed correctly, because the Will was traced.
“We believe that Certainty enables us to offer a better service to our clients and minimises the risk of a valid Will not being located – it enables us to give something more to our clients.”
Tina Circus, Head of Wills, Trusts & Probate at Thomas Horton LLP, Legal 500

#9 low cost disbursement

A Certainty Will Search is an allowable disbursement to the estate and is therefore completely cost-free to the law firm; Certainty Will Register Search checks to see if a Will has been registered £33+vat or a Will Search Combined that carries out a Register Will Search – searches for Wills that have been registered and a REACH Will Search – searches nationally for Wills which are not registered £90+vat

#10 also recommended by

The Official Solicitor now recommends Certainty Will Search in Court of Protection cases
The Government Legal Department continue to search in selected Bona Vacantia estates and find ‘untraceable and unknown’ Wills
Certainty Will Search has a strategic alliance with S27 Statutory Notices as a definitive ‘belt and braces’ approach when acting as a Professional Executor.

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