Top 100 UK Law Firm Keoghs Selects iManage Extract to Automate Legal Services

iManageAI-powered technology will automatically extract key information from millions of documents.

iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that Keoghs – one of the leading providers of claims related services to insurers, businesses and other suppliers to the insurance sector– has selected iManage Extract to assist with Keoghs’ AI initiative which is focused on delivery of innovative products to streamline the process of handling insurance disputes.

iManage Extract uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automatically read, extract and interpret critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data. With iManage Extract, Keoghs gains greater efficiencies by integrating the solution within its AI platform, specifically focusing on the automation of document extraction and review allowing for a more productive environment.

“We started developing our own AI platform earlier this year but a key missing component was how we would look to extract data from unstructured data sources efficiently,” said Dene Rowe, Partner and Director of Product Development, Keoghs. “iManage Extract will complement our platform by extracting key information from unstructured documents. Additionally, iManage Extract will perfectly integrate with our AI platform and help create a suite of unique products in the marketplace where significant portions of the litigation process are not processed by humans. We see this as a clear competitive advantage in what is a dynamic market.”

iManage Extract provides established technology that empowers Keoghs to automatically extract data from multiple types of documents across a wide variety of insurance claims. Keoghs will also utilize iManage Extract across a variety of business use cases, including the administrative processing of claims and mining unstructured data for business intelligence and analytics.

“When applied to litigation, AI can be transformative,” said Peter Wallqvist, Vice President of Strategy, iManage. “Keoghs has seen how products like iManage Extract can help them use AI
to their advantage by automating the review process, unlocking the data within their documents and streamlining the way they deliver services to their clients.”

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