Tools to comply with UK guidance on electronic court bundles

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Have you seen the UK’s recent guidance on e-bundling?

Here are five key takeaways:

  1. Lawyers should submit a paginated PDF bundle.
  2. The pagination on each page should match the pagination of the digital file. In other words, if you navigate to page 3 in your PDF reader, that page should be paginated as page 3. So, be sure to account for the index when paginating.
  3. Speaking of an index, you should include an index—and the index should link to the indexed document.
  4. You should adjust the rotation of your documents, so that all pages can be read from left to right.
  5. You should run an OCR (optical character recognition) process, which allows the court to search the text of your bundle.

If you currently prepare electronic court bundles by hand, consider choosing a software tool to support your workflows. Moreover, consider choosing a versatile solution like Casedo that delivers the most value, offering more than bundling.

With Casedo, it’s easy to create a compliant e-bundle in minutes and there is a step-by-step video to help you. Casedo checks all the boxes, helping you put rapidly assemble documents—including Word documents—with a drag-and-drop system. With automated index creation and smart auto-updating pagination, you can spend less time bundling and more time working on your argument ahead of the deadline.

Beyond being a full-featured e-bundler, Casedo also gives you a powerful document workspace. You can enjoy faster workflows in the intuitive Casedo work environment while you master the case file—viewing PDFs side by side, creating links between files, generating arguments, adding notes, bookmarks, highlights, and more. And you can stay in that environment when it’s time to export your bundle, creating a clean, court-ready document without switching gears or slowing down.


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