tmgroup celebrate 4 years of digital AP1 submissions

tmgroup 200tmgroup are celebrating 4 years of supporting conveyancers with digital AP1 submissions, via their integrated Post-Completion services – launched back in 2018 for Residential and Commercial property teams.

Complete with integrated and smart SDLT & AP1 submission forms – featuring prepopulated case details, alongside built-in validation and error checking – the tmconvey platform helps conveyancers reduce the chore of double entry, decrease AP1 cancellations, limit requisitions, and more.

As Victoria Follows – Partner – Hand Morgan Owen comments: “We like the tmgroup platform and find it very easy to use. It is colourful and easy to find your way around. I also find it very useful to be able to see everyone’s cases, so if a colleague is off sick or on holiday, I can continue to progress their SDLT and AP1 submissions and meet our tight deadlines.”

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Supporting the switch to digital AP1 submissions

Not only that, but as tmgroup are long-standing partners of HM Land Registry and are already connected to their Business Gateway platform, conveyancers can rest assured they’ll be more than prepared come November 2022 – when HM Land Registry will no longer be accepting traditional scanned or PDF copies of AP1s for changes to existing titles via the HM Land Registry portal.

As Joe Pepper, CEO of tmgroup comments: “The announcement of HM Land Registry’s plans for AP1 submission to go digital is the first time the agency has made a digital channel mandatory. We’re delighted to be able to support property teams in making ‘the switch’ in what will be remembered as a significant moment in industry history.”

Are you ready for November 2022?

With many firms now exploring their options in preparation for the November 2022 deadline, an increasing number of forward-thinking firms are already embracing digital AP1 submissions and are reaping the benefits of;

  • REDUCED HMLR REQUISITIONS: tmgroup’s smart forms validate and error-check every section before you hit send – helping to reduce the number of requisitions your firm receives.
  • REDUCED DOUBLE ENTRY AND SAVING TIME: By completing your searches, SDLT submissions, and AP1 submissions all in one place, you can reduce the chore of double entry and help your team work more efficiently.
  • DIRECT, SAFE AND RELIABLE SUBMISSION: All SDLT & AP1 forms submitted via tmconvey are sent directly to HMRC and HM Land Registry respectively. tmgroup also use encrypted data and passwords to help keep your and your clients’ details safe.
  • AUTOMATED AUDIT TRAIL FOR SDLTs AND AP1s: No matter how many forms are in progress, tmgroup’s dashboards help you see the status of every submission at a single glance – and give you all the information you’ll need if you ever need to prove compliance.
  • ‘IMPENDING CANCELLATION DATE’ REMINDERS: tmgroup’s handy reminders let your team know when an AP1 is about to expire, so they have a chance to act before it’s too late and they have to start all over again – reducing the risk of AP1s being cancelled.

Want to find out more?

Click here to request a demo. Alternatively, click here to find out more about tmgroup’s Post-Completion service, or get in touch with your tmgroup Account Manager, or Martin Manning (Head of Account Management at tmgroup) on 07747 216424.


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