Title Research launches new estate administration timeline guide and outsourcing

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Genealogical research and asset repatriation specialists, Title Research, are pleased to launch a brand new guide about the estate administration timeline and how outsourcing specialist tasks to professionals can help.

If you’ve dealt with any estate administration case in the past, you’ll know that the process can be lengthy and complicated at stages. The estate administration process can be even more complex if you’re handling an intestacy, dealing with overseas assets, or encounter missing beneficiaries. Title Research has created this guide to share how you can overcome the risks and challenges that present themselves throughout the ten main stages of the estate administration timeline.

Title Research

The guide goes into detail about:

  • What’s involved in the following stages of the timeline:
  1. Determining if the deceased died testate or intestate
  2. Ascertaining entitled beneficiaries
  3. Identifying, valuing and securing assets
  4. Paying Inheritance Tax
  5. Applying for the Grant of Representation or resealing the Grant
  6. Receiving the Grant of Representation
  7. Gathering in UK and overseas assets
  8. Paying any debts
  9. Distributing the estate to beneficiaries
  10. Post-process tasks
  • The risks and challenges that may present themselves
  • The solutions to overcome those risks and challenges, including what can be outsourced to a specialist and how Title Research can assist

Click here to download the guide completely free of charge.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Title Research’s genealogical research and asset repatriation services, call the Client Services Team on 0345 87 27 600 or email info@titleresearch.com.

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