Title Research launch five-part asset repatriation webinar series

Title ResearchTitle Research is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive five-part webinar series which explores the asset repatriation work carried out on the challenging, but interesting, estate of John Smith.

John Smith was an accountant who worked for the conglomerate 3M in their finance team, and prior to that, he worked as an accountant for JPMorgan Chase & Co. He participated in share save schemes with both companies as a result of his employment (ESPP shares).

He also invested the GKN (a UK company) and then with Brambles Limited following the merger of GKN and Brambles Limited in 2001. When Brambles Limited left the UK market for the Australian market, John Smith retained his shares.

John’s wife was born in Jersey and they jointly own property there. He also had a bank account in his sole name with Lloyds in Jersey with approximately £17,500 in the account.

As you can see, John Smith’s estate is complex and consists largely of shares – all originally invested in from the UK – but now in Australia, Jersey and USA markets.

Over the next five weeks, Title Research will be discussing the challenges and difficulties faced when verifying and selling shares across multiple jurisdictions. These episodes will highlight how we assist our solicitor clients to deliver an accelerated estate administration service.

We have the expertise and processes in place to deal with numerous jurisdictions with ease and the webinar series will cover:

Episode one looks at 3 million shares worth $69,000 and the difficulties we face when verifying and selling these shares as they are held in ESPP format. This webinar has now taken place. Click here to catch up on episode 1 at your own leisure.

Episode two will cover how we retrieved the funds of JPMorgan Chase shares which had escheated to Delaware. We’ll also share the common difficulties in dealing with US State offices. This webinar has now taken place. Click here to catch up on episode 2.

Episode three will share how we obtained a resealed Grant and sold the Australian shareholdings. This webinar has now taken place. Click here to watch episode 3.

Episode four looks at how we obtained a new foreign Grant and encashed the Jersey asset. This webinar has now taken place. Click here to catch up on episode 4.

Episode five explains how we sold the UK GKN (a UK company) asset and finalised the file. We will also give you a high-level summary of the asset repatriation work Title Research has carried out on the challenging estate of John Smith. Click here to watch episode 5.

If you want to find out more about each individual episode, you can read a summary of the entire webinar series in Title Research’s latest blog.

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