Time-consuming Report on Title preparation is a thing of the past

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For many conveyancers, the practice of preparing a Report on Title is an onerous task and one that hasn’t changed for over 30 years, still dependent upon word documents which require editing in every single case. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know… There is an affordable electronic solution which simplifies the preparation of Report on Title documents and makes it a fast and easy process – e-ROT, a Lexsure product, now available on tmconvey.

How does e-ROT save time?

e-ROT enables conveyancers to produce a Report on Title in a fraction of the time it normally takes. By providing pre-set paragraphs and the facility to produce mini-reports, documents can be produced with the minimum of fuss. The end result is a professionally produced, branded report to send to clients.

That’s not all. e-ROT provides increased protection, consistency and efficiency to building the most important – yet tedious and time-consuming – document in a purchase transaction.

Supporting busy conveyancers already under immense time pressures

With conveyancers often being chased by multiple parties on each file they are working on whilst trying to get their transactions exchanged and completed, it is vital they make use of good technology to increase efficiency and profitability across the whole property department.

Most conveyancers hate their current process and there is no central body that takes responsibility for updating the content either, unlike surveyors who rely upon RICS to provide them with the wording for their reports.Without a central resource, there is no way for law firms to benchmark the standard of their reports against others and yet the Report on Title document is considered to reflect the quality of the legal work delivered to the client and therefore should be of good and marketable quality. More concerning, Report on Title is THE document that the client relies upon and so will be used in court in the event of litigation in the future.

Is it time you did things differently?

Get in touch with tmgroup’s Head of Account Management, Martin Manning on Martin.Manning@tmgroup.co.uk or 07747216424 to find out more about how e-ROT can help you.


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