The Law Superstore to offer entirely free service for April launch

Law Superstore logoThe Law Superstore has announced that the website will be entirely free for legal service providers during its launch month in April 2016.

As the first true comparison site for the legal profession, The Law Superstore is designed to make it easier for clients to access legal service in real time on any device.

Featuring with the legal comparison platform is already free for the first year, but the company has now announced that Partner firms will not be charged any referral fees for leads generated during the month of April.

The Law Superstore guides, matches and connects clients with legal service providers, enabling the providers to attract profitable new business through an intuitive and intelligent free-to-feature website.

Partners may choose to advertise over 140 different legal services across 12 categories, with complete control over when and how they feature their listings.

Clients simply answer a number of carefully crafted questions to access a comparison table where they may filter results by criteria such as location, quality ratings and price.

CEO of The Law Superstore, Matthew Briggs, explains:

“Clients are without doubt asking for more transparency, choice and easier online access to services, and the legal profession cannot afford to distance itself from these demands.”

He continues:

“The Law Superstore has been built to help legal service providers meet the demands of clients and its functionality. At the same time, the platform represents a more cost-effective and profitable lead generation tool than other offline and online channel available to the profession, giving firms more time to focus on delivering quality legal services.”

The launch of The Law Superstore coincides with recent announcements from both the Legal Services Board (LSB) and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), both of which have expressed a need to look more closely at addressing issues surrounding the accessibility of legal services for individuals and SMEs.

In 2015, the LSB identified an “Access Gap” that estimated a latent legal market running into several billions of pounds a year. Among their recommendations for the improvement and evolution of the profession was a need for greater choice and transparency – a problem that would need to be met by “intermediaries and comparison tools”.

Since the The Law Superstore was announced back in 2015, it has gained the backing of legal commentators such as Professor Stephen Mayson:

“Anything which helps to bring people who need legal services to those who provide them can only be a good thing. I was intrigued to find out more about the launch of The Law Superstore as I recognized the potential positive impact that a well thought-out legal comparison site could have in helping law firms to attract new clients.”

Another advocate of The Law Superstore is Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer. She says:

“The Law Superstore is the holy grail that the legal market has been desperate for in terms of requirement for both the legal provider and legal buyer.

“Fundamentally it provides choice, control and clarity for the consumer and equally, choice, control, rich data and a unique quality lead for the legal service provider.”

The Law Superstore will be launching in April 2016 with a Partner launch in February 2016. To find out more about the platform visit or sign up for a demonstration at one of the roadshow events taking place around the UK here.

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