Join the Experts: Terrafirma Launch New Education Series on UK Ground Hazards

TerrafirmaTerrafirma promise you will learn something new in fresh education campaign: ‘UK Ground Hazards and Property: The Risks You Need to Know.’

This September, Terrafirma are excited to bring you UK Ground Hazards and Property: The Risks You Need to Know.

Sign up to a brand-new 6-part education series, with new ‘coffee-break’ episodes available on-demand, on our YouTube channel each week. You will also be able to join the experts at scheduled times, where a Q&A session will allow you to ask questions pertinent to your profession, interests, or region.

If you think of geohazards, you would be right in thinking that, geologically, the UK is a fairly benign place. There are very few earthquakes, no volcanoes (anymore!) and luckily no tsunamis.

On a global scale, the UK is relatively stable – but dig a little deeper and our rich and varied geology and our long history of extensive mineral extraction create a number of human and natural ground hazards that pose a very real risk to property, land, business and livelihoods.

“What is becoming clear is that climate change will exacerbate the risks that ground hazards pose. Higher temperatures, changing rainfall patterns and more severe weather conditions will see a greater number of properties and wider and more varied areas of land affected by clay-related subsidence, erosion, and landslip. Crucially, being an island nation we may have to accept that more and more homes and coastal communities will become lost to the sea. This educational series will begin to explore the impact that climate change will have on ground hazards.” – Dr Tim Farewell.

This series, brought to you by Terrafirma’s team of geologists, mining engineers and soil scientists, will break down each of the ground hazards into digestible, jargon-free and engaging content, with a number of case studies that highlight the real risks to property and land across all four corners of the British Isles. You will learn something new; we can promise you that.

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“Terrafirma has largely been a project to educate professionals to the risks that the ground can pose. We have spent 5 years putting training and educational content at the heart of our growth strategy, however, historically that content has often been delivered via in-house training or via the very traditional webinar. With COVID changing the way we interact online; we are really excited to launch a new educational campaign that is flexible around our ‘new normal’ ways of working. “- Tom Backhouse


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