Ten minutes with Moneypenny – how they are supporting conveyancing clients


Moneypenny’s, Head of Property Sector, Samantha Jones

Ten minutes with Moneypenny’s Samantha Jones, Head of Property Sector,  who explains how the company is supporting an ever-growing number of conveyancing clients:   

  • We see Moneypenny at lots of conveyancing, legal and property industry events what do you actually do for conveyancers and what are the benefits of using your services?

Our service is simple – we look after business telephone calls. We know that the best people to answer your calls are your receptionists but we also know that isn’t always possible. When they are particularly busy, staffing levels are low, or even just to cover lunchtime, completion days or holidays, calls are routed seamlessly to Moneypenny, making sure no calls go unanswered and every opportunity coming into the practice is captured.

All clients have a fully briefed, dedicated Moneypenny receptionist who answers calls as if based in your office and your callers are none the wiser! She will deal with your calls exactly as you want them to be handled, sending detailed messages back to your team or transferring calls through to direct dial lines. We can also transfer urgent calls through to mobiles.  Our new 24/7 service has seen a great uptake too, and has really helped some conveyancers stand out in an already competitive market place. Our clients say our service benefits every aspect of their business. 

  • So how many conveyancing firms are working with you?

We are currently working with over 700 law firms across the country of which approximately 60% deal with conveyancing.  This figure is growing fast.

  •  I understand you won another award recently – what is that about and what difference does it make for your clients? 

Yes for the third time Moneypenny has been recognised in the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ and for the second time we have been awarded the highest accolade of three stars, rating the company as ‘extraordinary’. 

For our clients we hope this can be seen as a badge of confidence in the work we do for them, safe in the knowledge that their calls are being handled by a happy and positive team who enjoy their work and strive to give the best possible service to each and every client.  

Any business is only as good as its people and here at Moneypenny we are very fortunate to have fantastic people. For us it’s important to create a happy and rewarding environment where everyone is valued and hard work is recognised. One of the lovely things about Moneypenny is the family feel which hasn’t changed as the company has grown over the years. We still have clients we started out with 13 years ago and part of the reason for that is the way our receptionists build up relationships, really getting to know their client’s business and considering themselves as much a part of their clients’ teams as ours. 

  • Many conveyancers will worry about putting their brand in the hands of a third party how can you reassure them about what you do? 

This is why we are the UK’s market leader and have been winning awards for a number of years for what we do. Quality is everything to us and we make a point of hand-picking our receptionists for their positive attitude and professional approach, ensuring we deliver an outstanding service. A large amount of our business growth is based on recommendation as more and more happy customers tell others about us and 98% of those who take up our offer of a free trial stay with us. 

  • So how do you deal with data protection and confidentiality issues?

We understand how important this is to our clients and it something we cover in detail in all our training. When a receptionist joins Moneypenny they immediately sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and are made familiar with the Data Protection Act. All information disclosed by or relating to a client is treated as strictly confidential and is held on a database that can only be accessed by authorised Moneypenny employees in order to perform their duties. Each account is held strictly independently and our databases are backed up throughout the day and nightly.

  • Can you give an example of a firm that you are working with to demonstrate what you do?

Recently a firm came to us as they had a scenario of calls coming into their reception and then bouncing on into other departments. In addition to this, callers ringing fee earners’ direct dial lines were going through to their voicemails. They were conscious that they were missing calls and losing out on potential new business opportunities by not capturing all the calls coming in. They knew they needed to make changes while enhancing their overall customer experience. 

We set the firm up on a 4 week trial to test the Moneypenny service and as a result they have been extremely happy with the results. Their receptionists can now focus on signing in new visitors and when on the phone they can confidently ensure the caller has their full attention knowing that their Moneypenny Receptionist is supporting them. Their fee earners are also very happy as we are able to make sure they do not miss out on new enquiries simply because they are busy on peak days such as completion day.

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