Technology in 2015

inCase200By Sucheet Amin – CEO of inCase/Lavatech Ltd

2015 is full of predictions centered on technology and online media. I’ve come across a prediction of the first online political party; a public rubbish bin that alerts the local council that it is getting full and; using mobile apps to direct a trained first aider within the locality of an emergency while the ambulance service makes it way to the scene. All interesting and exciting stuff but here are my top three predictions that are more relevant to the legal industry.

  1. App downloads will surpass Facebook friend and Twitter followers for most brands

This is a big one not to be ignored! Mobile is not showing signs of slowing and continues to push ahead and 2015 is the year where app downloads will surpass social media followers. This means that law firms need to invest time and resource in their mobile strategy and ensuring that their client’s mobile experience is a positive one.  According to this article, it’s already started to happen with some top US brands seeing huge sways.

  1. Clients want real-time information

Law firms have always needed to respond to clients needing vital information and updates. Long ago, clients would write a letter and be prepared to wait for a response. Now, email, texts and telephone has taken over with client’s needing immediate answers. This is only going to become more demanding and smart firms will embrace mobile technology to improve performance and delivering real-time information to clients.

  1. Wearable tech will become more mainstream

I talked a lot about this on previous blogs in 2014. Wearable tech such as Google Glass and smart-watches are already out there. Google Glass has been a bit of a flop but don’t expect the same from Apple. Their “iWatch” will take the market by storm and consumers will queue for hours to get their hands on one. Linking direct to smartphones, wearables will provide easier access to online content and apps as well as monitoring health. Law firms should already be thinking about how they are going to be seen on a wearable.

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