Taylor&Emmet LLP invest in the Peppermint Platform to build for the future

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4 February 2014

Award-winning regional law firm Taylor&Emmet LLP is the latest progressive law firm to sign up for the innovative legal software, the from Peppermint Technology.

With offices throughout South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire, Taylor&Emmet is growing rapidly, both through acquisition and organically. As such they required a data driven, client centric technology platform, rather than the traditional practice and case management system, to support the firm now and in the future.

Anthony Long, Chief Executive at Taylor&Emmet, said:

“We weren’t in the market for buying a case and practice management system. We felt that most legal software systems were dated, and very similar, therefore the business case to change didn’t make sense. We then met Peppermint and realised that their Legal Service Platform offered much more than traditional case and practice management. The Peppermint Platform enables us to transform into a client centric, data driven business. Using technology in this way allows us to drive incremental revenue and growth that otherwise we could not achieve.

“This game changing software has arrived at the right time for forward thinking law firms.  With Peppermint we can move the business forward with confidence. It lets us put our clients at the centre of everything we do, underpinned by real time data that gives us complete control, optimised business insight and the ability to adapt quickly.”

Since launching their Platform in early 2013 Peppermint has challenged the status quo of legal software and raised the bar to new levels by bringing innovation to a stagnant market. The Peppermint Platform is built on Microsoft Dynamics technology and benefits from the multi-billion investment from Microsoft in the Dynamics product.

Peppermint is quickly adding new clients and new awards to their list of achievements including the KnowList Award for Technology Innovation and Microsoft Dynamics UK Partner of the Year.

Arlene Adams, CEO of Peppermint commented:

“It’s interesting to see the common trend emerging across the profile of firms investing in the Peppermint Platform. Like Taylor&Emmet, there are successful, fast growing legal firms who understand the need to invest in technology and data to compete in a market where client demands and expectations are rising rapidly. We are delighted to have Taylor&Emmet join the Peppermint community and welcome their contribution to what is already a strong and innovative group of likeminded firms”

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