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Survey says 70% of legal firms will grow this year

Oyez Professional ServicesAn Oyez Professional Services [1] survey finds solicitors optimistic about future and only a quarter are certain that Brexit will affect them.

A recent Oyez Professional Services customer survey has revealed that 7 out 10 firms surveyed believe that their firms will grow in 2018.

The majority of respondents (53%) are unsure about the effect Brexit will have on the UK legal market. Only 23% are definite that it will affect them.

With respondents from 101 legal firms this is a reliable sample base which shows an optimistic industry sentiment.

Other findings of the survey of 101 Oyez customer firms revealed:

Oyez believe the results show that law firms are interested in the development and use of new technologies. The Oyez Net promoter Score has jumped a significant 8% in the past 3 years to a very healthy 61%, a rating that sits squarely within the ‘excellent’ range. Paul Clyde, Managing Director of OPS, believes that the focus Oyez have put into product development, aided by strong support and service ethos, are the reasons for the large increase in customer satisfaction.