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We provide automatic, user-friendly online backup and are committed to delivering exceptional service. But you don’t have to just take our word for it – here are some reviews and pieces of feedback from our clients:


Client: LPC Law

Issue: Had a critical SQL database in the law firm that they couldn’t afford to lose. The client wanted to replace their current offsite backup provider Ahsay as it wasn’t reliable, and backups were a “bit hit and miss”.

Resolution: We set up a free trial and backed up the critical databases. We also did a few test restores to an alternative server as a disaster recovery test.

Testimonial: “We were looking for a replacement online backup service that is UK based and secure, BackupVault ticked all the boxes. Easy to contact and provided great support during and after setup. The restore process is also very simple and fast should you need to recover files.”

Simon: 4 July 2022


Client: Martin and Martin Surveyors Ltd

Issue: The client only had an onsite RAID (dual disk) for redundancy, so no real backup in place. They wanted a reliable cloud-based offsite backup – especially as they have critical jpg images that they couldn’t afford to lose.

Resolution: We logged in remotely and set up a free backup trial so the client could see how it works. We also ran a few test restores as proof of concept and we now have one very happy customer on board.

Testimonial: “As chartered surveyors, we hold significant personal data on clients and others. Rob at Backup Vault was really professional and installed the software easily and quickly. It is easy to configure and works in the background without any regular attention. We like the on-site encryption and the UK-based storage as we know it will be GDPR compliant. Rob has always been incredibly helpful, and our storage capacity has been increased immediately, as we have needed it. It’s really good value and a real bonus not having to worry about cyber-attacks or anything else that threatens our data.”

Dan: 18 March 2022


Client: Murrayfield Golf Club

Issue: The client’s previous backup was with Carbonite but since they have been acquired the service has gone downhill and is now unusable. Their backups are no longer reliable and the pricing had increased. The client also no longer wanted to have a USA-based backup system due to GDPR.

Resolution: We logged in remotely, assessed the data and suggested what to back up. The client now has a reliable service that is easy to use.

Testimonial: “I am the IT Support for a prestigious golf club and have been very keen on promoting the requirement for off-site backups since I started this role in 2012. I have used a number of companies but can truly say BackupVault have been the most responsive from both a sales and technical support perspective. Fred has been very patient with me as I have been wandering around the features of the system. The interface is slick and easy to use, I have backed up my server and restored it to another device in my estate easy-peasy, just what you want.”

Ian: 1 February 2022


Client: EOS IT Solutions

Issue: The client had a wide range of different backup systems for their customers including Dropbox, tape, onsite disk plus a few consumer-grade cloud backup systems.

Resolution: We set up all backup accounts with us so it was easier to manage and monitor backups from a single console. The client now gets daily reporting and can easily see at a quick glance who has backed up.

Testimonial: “We’ve used Backup Vault for over 6 years – they are so helpful, and the product is very easy to use. Rob and the team help us with any issues with lightning speed. We highly recommend them for all backup needs.”

EOS IT Solutions: 10 January 2022


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