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SpeechWrite 360 Mobile App

SpeechWrite DigitalSpeechWrite 360 [1] is a state of the art cloud voice recognition and digital dictation workflow solution designed to meet the agile and flexible working needs of the modern day professional.

Here at SpeechWrite we understand that our customers often need to work remotely and from multiple locations and do not want to be tied down to an office. In fact, many companies are now downsizing their offices or even closing them entirely to save on rental costs, which often means that employees need to be able to work from home or shared offices.

How does it work?

SpeechWrite 360 takes advantage of leading edge digital dictation technology, saving precious time for busy professionals who would otherwise need to type everything out themselves or send a recording to their secretaries to write a document from scratch.

Our software automatically transforms a dictation into a written draft copy of a document (within a branded document too if selected). This document can then be checked and edited – either by the person making the dictation or a member of their secretarial or administrative team – and a final version is then produced for sign off and approval.

Introducing the 360 Mobile App

SpeechWrite has released a Mobile App version of its 360 workflow solution. This brings the full benefits of our digital dictation and voice recognition workflow to mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility to our customers. Amongst other things, it allows you to:

We have already had some brilliant feedback on our 360 Mobile App, and we have been particularly proud of comments such as “works first time, every time”. To find out more about how we can help increase your productivity and improve your work-life balance, click on www.speechwrite.com/betterlife [2]