South coast law firm implement Lawyer Checker to combat the criminal conveyancer

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13 July 2015

Lawyer Checker200Bournemouth based property lawyers Matthew & Matthew Solicitors have given protecting client money within a conveyancing transaction top priority.

The residential team have kicked off the first half of 2015 with consistent and increased use of Lawyer Checker and it’s AES (Account and Entity Screen). Registering last year and soon after the release of the SRA Spring 2014 Risk Outlook, the team at Matthew & Matthew are putting the protection of their client’s money at the top of their risk management processes within residential conveyancing transactions.

Priding themselves on offering a first class service to all of their clients; this firm is dedicated to ensuring that all of their clients throughout each and every department trust their legal advisor with their legal matter – whatever this may be.

Already a very trusting community the industry of conveyancing has inherently been a collection of veracious individuals. That is until more recent times, and with the advent of the cyber-criminal who is all too eager and able to attack the plentiful funds that residential transactions offer.

By being pro-active, and obtaining the recipient solicitor’s client account details at the earliest juncture in a transaction, conveyancers using Lawyer Checker’s Account and Entity Screen as part of their process will be able to make an informed decision about the transferring of client money.

Conveyancers at Matthew & Matthew Solicitors will be able to reassure their clients that they are ensuring due diligence on their matter files by making this simple check against the recipient account number.

An AES earlier on in the transaction helps Matthew & Matthew Solicitors safeguard themselves and their client against many things from human input error right through to potential criminal infiltration.

As practice manager Gary Nevill explains:

“Here at Matthew & Matthew we offer our clients a progressive and proactive legal service whilst still remaining approachable. We are committed to having a 21st century service which continues to be one that clients can rely on. We offer a bespoke and highly personalised service at all times striving to provide a first class level of care.

Lawyer Checker and its AES helps us to try and reach this goal. Where monies are to be remitted to another firm, regardless of how well we know that firm, the integration of a Lawyer Checker search into our processes means that our team will be able, along with the firm’s COLP, to make an informed decision.”

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