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By Legal Futures’ Associate Select Legal Systems

When buying a new software package for 2020 and beyond, a law firm should expect their software supplier to provide, as a minimum; a slick sales process, outstanding data migration capabilities and project management on-boarding, excellent training, support and account management and the following six staple software modules – with robust integration to mission critical third-party tools such as Microsoft Office and Exchange and legal forms packages. However, where high-quality legal practice management software providers set themselves apart from their competition is not only getting all of this right, but also providing a whole host of extra value in terms of additional software modules and technical credentials.

Six Software Staples:

  • Legal accounts software that is fully compliant with the solicitors’ accounts rules and recognised by HMRC for its MTD functionality.
  • Legal case management software that has a ‘create-your-own-chart’ workflow tool as well as a large and growing library of workflow modules for managing every area of law.
  • Legal time recording software – offering multiple methods of time recording, combined with a comprehensive range of monitoring, reporting and management tools, providing workable options for all fee earners across all areas of law where capturing billable hours is required.
  • Legal document management software – a  powerful suite of software for creating and managing all legal document types
  • CRM & marketing software –  providing all the tools you need to make the most of the goldmine of information you have within your system to find, attract and win new clients, and to nurture and retain existing clients.
  • Management Reporting – as well as a large repository of standard report templates law firms should be provided with a powerful report-writer which can be pointed at any part of their practice management system for in depth interrogation and the creation of their own bespoke reports.  Also the facility to set reports to auto-run at stipulated times and auto-distribution to named users without manual intervention.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for LAWFUSION said, “We add new functionality to LAWFUSION on a regular basis, driven by customer insight. LAWFUSION is an incredibly comprehensive suite of software for law firms. It is the result of 25 years development working closing with some of the best firms in the industry. A firm may not need to use all the functionality from day one, but all the modules are there to be switched on as and when needed. As a firm grows, it has the opportunity to grow into the system, taking full advantage of all of the powerful additional modules available.”

Firms Get All The Staples + A Whole Host Of ‘Value-Add’ Modules With LAWFUSION:

When law firms choose LAWFUSION from Select Legal Systems Limited as well as everything listed above, they also get the following additional software modules, often as part of their fee, sometimes for a fair additional charge to cover third-party components and additional services and set up.

  • Legal Aid Functionality
    Software for managing legal aid work – including legal aid billing, auto-form production, specialist time recording, monthly bulk upload to LAA online, assessed claims management and lots more for crime, family, mental health work, and other legal aid work types.
  • The AML Module
    A software module for law firms that helps manage Anti Money Laundering Compliance.
    An app for iPhones and iPads for law firms providing secure, reliable and convenient access to LAWFUSION, supporting increased productivity for fee earners on the move.
  • Costs Management
    The LAWFUSION Costs Management Module is an extremely useful tool that helps law firms manage estimated costs against actual incurred costs.
  • True Cash Flow
    With LAWFUSION you have both budget cash flow forecasting and true cash flow forecasting available providing a clear, bird’s-eye view of your cash flow situation.
  • A Court Bundle Generator
    A module that enables the quick, easy and efficient production of a PDF Court Bundles.
  • Postroom
    LAWFUSION can provide a virtual post tray for every user.
  • The Complaints Module
    A workflow chart that allows law firms to manage complaints efficiently.
  • Power Search
    A powerful google-type, system-wide enhanced content search facility.
  • SMS Text Messaging
    Users can create, send and save SMS text messages to clients direct from LAWFUSION case management.
  • Key Performance Indicator Monitoring
    Tools that help reduce risk by regularly running and scrutinising business intelligence from all areas of your practice management system.
  • GDPR Manager
    A set of tools to help law firms manage their GDPR compliance….and lots more.

Hosting Options:

Additionally, Select Legal Systems offer law firms two hosting options – cloud or on-premise. LAWFUSION is available as a hosted solution on the cloud – i.e. for a competive monthly fee, firms get the  full LAWFUSION suite of legal practice management software as well as their fully integrated Microsoft Office and Exchange products – all hosted securely on the cloud. Alternatively firms can choose to host the LAWFUSION software on their own inhouse managed servers . LAWFUSION has hundreds of satisfied users in both camps.

Security Credentials:

Importantly, Select Legal Systems Limited is one of a small handful of ISO 27001 certified suppliers offering specialist software for law firms at both ‘company’ and ‘datacentre’ level.   This demonstrates how seriously Select Legal Systems takes the internationally recognised standards and their commitment to continual improvement to ensure regulatory and legislative compliance is met.

For more information about any aspect of LAWFUSION, please contact Select Legal Systems during normal 9am-5.30pm office hours on 01482 567601. Alternatively the LAWFUSION book-a-demo online form is available here on the LAWFUSION website.


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