Social media and high street law firms – a new Core Legal seminar

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14 May 2014

Wednesday 25th June 2014, Hotel Russell, London.

Cut through the hype and join Core Legal for a practical review of the value of social media for law firms, and insights into how to use it effectively

Presentations will put the subject matter in a realistic context for law firms; there are new research findings, an overview on how we use social media, where to find your audience, practical advice on social media, intellectual property issues and effective relationship building – plus a look at common-sense planning and online reputation-based marketing.

Presentations and discussions will cover:

  • Solicitor’s social media habits – who’s doing what – and why?
  • LinkedIn – who do your contacts belong to? Build relationships, measuring results.
  • Targeted social media – who is your audience? Where can they be found?
  • Getting the basics right with social media – common-sense planning.
  • Reputation-based marketing – how hoteliers can help lawyers.

Attendees will receive a free copy of a new CoreLegal handbook ‘Running a Successful Law Firm – Strategies and Tips for Success’. This will help solicitors run a more effective and profitable business. It covers operations, marketing and finance functions within a law firm.

Date: Wednesday 25th June 2014.
Price: £100 (£85 until 26TH May 2014)
Time: 1:30 – 5:00pm
The Virginia Woolf Room, Hotel Russell, 1-8 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5BE

Book your place at

Please note: Due to the popularity of our events there are no refunds yet you can send someone in your place, even at the very last minute.


Solicitors and social media

  • Trends and changes in the use of social media by solicitors – a review of the latest research.
  • Social media selection – brands/channels used and reasons why.
  • Passive versus active users – solicitors using social media to research and obtain new information versus those creating their own content to raise awareness of their law firm brand and/or individual reputation.
  • Engaging clients and boosting reputation via social media – the evidence so far.

Presented by David Mort, Director at IRN Research

Which channel does what and why should I bother?

  • LinkedIn – yes? Twitter – possibly? Facebook – no? Pinterest – what’s that? Which channel to use and why?
  • How we use social media channels – why they are popular, the role they play in how we communicate.
  • Who is your audience on social media? Where can they be found?
  • Social capital – creating value from your social media.
  • Find out why YouTube is the most powerful video marketing channel online.

Presented by Lisa Newton, Award Winning Franchisee


  • Find out who has the right to contacts as Intellectual Property; employee or employer.
  • How does LinkedIn make it easier to build relationships than any other platform?
  • Examples of taking it offline, gaining Google juice and measuring results.

Presented by Jason Cobine, Beyond Networking

A Marketing Perspective

i) Reputation management for lawyers – think like an hotelier?

  • Reputation management is vital to hotels – and law firms. To paraphrase a well-known phrase, it’s ‘reputation, reputation, reputation’…

ii) Getting the basics right – key steps help you success social media, including:

  • An agreed upon plan, identifying key issues, your target audience, your firm’s social media policy, commit to appropriate channels and a realistic allocation of resources.

Presented by Jon Hepburn, the Fedora Consultancy


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