Sneak peek: Expert advice on protecting your firm in 2017

tmgroupWith challenges ranging from cyber attacks and disgruntled customers to keeping up with regulation changes, it is no secret that conveyancing is a risky business.

This is why tmgroup have teamed up with a whole host of expert speakers for our Risky Business Roadshows this November – to help you better protect, prepare and promote your firm.

We’re delighted to announce that Graeme McGowan from BeCyberSure and Matthew Newton from Oosha Ltd will be joining us alongside our other experts – and have been kind enough to share a sneak peek of their expertise.

Here’s just a couple of their top tips for better protecting your firm:

Manage the risk! 95% of data losses involve insiders

Disgruntled employees may be more liable to pose as insider threats out of a desire for revenge, a plan to steal data and sell it to competitors, or simple greed combined with lack of respect for the law firm.

To help manage the risk and better protect your firm from insider threats, you should make a conscious effort to monitor any disgruntled employees. If possible, you should also make an effort to address the source of their unhappiness to improve the situation.

No one single security feature can keep you safe

Be it from cyber-attack or data breach, there is no denying that the risks facing firms have never been greater. With that in mind, it’s important to take a multi-layered security approach that ensures all your vulnerabilities are covered.

Not one single security feature is fully effective on its own. That’s why it’s important to implement software and malware updates, password management, network penetration testing, email security, anti-virus, web traffic management, and user activity monitoring, as well as cyber awareness training.

Encrypt your data as a final frontier to keep it safe

This one is straightforward. Encrypt data using whatever software or hardware technology fits the bill – and make sure to use this as it is stored or traveling over a network.

That way if someone is capturing traffic, steals a hard drive from a server, or gets their hands on a backup tape, they won’t be able to get to the data.

Join us for our Risky Business Roadshow to find out more

Graeme McGowan and Matthew Newton will be part of our guest speaker line-up at our Risky Business Roadshow events this November, which will explore how firms can better protect, prepare and promote their businesses.

Dates and locations include:

  • Leeds : 1st November
  • Leicester : 2nd November
  • Liverpool : 7th November
  • Bristol : 9th November
  • Bournemouth : 16th November
  • Manchester : 21st November

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