Shining a spotlight on Perfect Portal’s team: Our Account Managers

Perfect PortalAt Perfect Portal, our diverse teams collectively contribute significantly to driving our business forward and achieving success. Among these teams, our Account Managers play an indispensable role in securing the success of both our company and our clients.

We’ll be shedding some light on why our Account Manager team is so important and why they deserve the recognition we are giving them.

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Understanding the role of an Account Manager

Let’s start with the basics. An Account Manager at Perfect Portal is more than just a job title. It’s a commitment to building and nurturing strong client relationships. They’re the friendly face and helping hand that our clients rely on to navigate the ever-evolving legal tech landscape.

Account Managers are the bridge between our clients and our technical teams. They’re not just tech-savvy professionals; they’re also excellent communicators, problem solvers, and customer advocates. Their primary responsibility is to understand our clients’ unique needs and goals, and then work tirelessly to ensure that our solutions align perfectly with them.

Emily Briscoe, Head of Client Success discusses how the team has developed and changed, “In the last few years, the team has grown, welcoming new members with diverse skill sets and backgrounds that seamlessly align with our business model.”

Part of the new skills the team brings to the business is industry experience. “All of our team members have experience within the legal sector, which has honed their ability to think quickly and adapt. Given the dynamic nature of conveyancing and other areas of law, these skills are invaluable and easily transferable to their roles as Account Managers.”


Why Account Managers matter to our clients

Every law firm is unique, and our Account Managers understand that one size doesn’t fit all. They take the time to get to know your business inside out, tailoring our solutions to your specific needs.

Transitioning to new technology can be a daunting task. Our Account Managers are there to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth implementation and minimal disruption to your operations.

Our commitment doesn’t end once the software is up and running. Your Account Manager will continue to provide ongoing support, helping your firm make the most of our tools and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

“Exceptional! Once again, I have been surprised by just how much George is available to answer all questions, small or large. If I am being honest, I expected a similar service that we all come to expect with new accounts, very good service at the start and then it becomes more difficult to get help once things have settled down. George has proven that this isn’t the case for all companies and has continued to be as helpful and obtainable as ever.”

Client feedback

Account Managers act as a vital feedback channel, conveying our clients’ suggestions and concerns directly to our development teams. This ensures that our products are continually improving to meet evolving needs.

“It’s all about understanding our clients and their needs,” Emily discusses. “We advise our clients on and implement our products to allow a business to streamline their workflow and get the benefit of Perfect Portal as a whole”.

Having the Account Management team is extremely beneficial to our clients. “We want to give that personalised service to our clients. Each client has their own individual Account Manager which means that they get the support that they need day-to-day. We also have our Help Desk team who are readily available to assist our clients and answer their day-to-day queries.”


Why Account Managers matter to Perfect Portal

Happy clients are loyal clients. Our Account Managers are instrumental in building and maintaining strong client relationships, which, in turn, boost client retention rates.

By working closely with clients, Account Managers gain unique insights into their pain points and requirements. This valuable feedback informs the development of new features and improvements to our software.

When issues arise, as they inevitably do in the tech world, Account Managers are on the frontline, working tirelessly to resolve issues promptly. This dedication ensures that you remain satisfied and trust us to provide solutions.

Account Managers are our clients’ advocates within Perfect Portal. They champion your needs and concerns, ensuring that every aspect of our service is geared towards their success.

Emily is incredibly proud of her team. “We have been achieving fantastic client feedback and that’s down to the team building those relationships with our clients. I think as Account Managers, we are the heart of Perfect Portal and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We’ve had a lot of challenges, but the team always comes together and bounces off each other’s strengths to resolve things. I’m proud of how they have come together and achieved that”.


A day in the life of an Account Manager

To truly appreciate the significance of our Account Managers, it’s worth taking a glimpse into their day-to-day responsibilities:

Client Meetings: Account Managers regularly meet with clients to review their progress, address concerns, and identify new opportunities for growth.

Training Sessions: They conduct training sessions to ensure that clients are getting the most out of our software, sharing tips and tricks to enhance their efficiency.

Problem Resolution: When issues arise, Account Managers spring into action, liaising with technical teams to find speedy resolutions.

Continuous Learning: Staying up to date with what is happening within the industry is essential for Account Managers, as it enables them to offer the best advice and support to clients.


Our Account Managers certainly are the heart of Perfect Portal. Their dedication to our client’s success and their tireless efforts behind the scenes are invaluable to our business. So, the next time you experience the operation of our legal tech solutions or receive exceptional support, remember that it’s our Account Manager team working diligently to make it all happen. They may not seek the spotlight, but they certainly deserve our appreciation and recognition. Thank you, Account Managers, for your unwavering commitment to excellence!

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