Search Acumen launches first phase of IntelliSearch – deductive technology will provide faster, more accurate property searches

Search Acument unveils the first phase of Intellisearch

Search provider Search Acumen has today unveiled “deductive technology” for conveyancing searches.

It is the first phase of IntelliSearch: Search Acumen’s new unique suite of search products and services. IntelliSearch combines in-depth knowledge of the search process with innovative use of technology. The aim is to deliver a collective ‘step change’ to transform the way conveyancers’ process searches and subsequent enquiries.

Deductive technology will provide conveyancers with faster and more accurate personal searches of local authority data. It is built into Search Acumen’s search process to speed up data collection, improve efficiency and reduce the chance of human error.

The technology is programmed to deduce the answer to subsequent enquires in the personal search report, based on the initial response entered by the searcher. For example, if the answer to a question is ‘no’, the system identifies where subsequent answers will, by deduction, be ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘N/A’. The technology automatically populates these questions with the relevant answer, while still allowing the searcher to adjust their entries if needed.

Search Acumen’s analysis of personal searches from across the market shows that one in five typically needs amendments before being dispatched to conveyancers. The company’s use of deductive technology automates the data collection and checking procedures to reduce or eliminate this need and streamline its quality assurance process.

Andrew Lloyd, managing director of Search Acumen, commented:

“Despite using online ordering processes since the early 2000s, the search industry has continued to rely on manual quality assurance which runs the risk of delays or human error.  Search Acumen has combined an in-depth understanding of local authority data with the innovative use of deductive technology to minimise the need for manual checks and adjustments.”

The search process is managed and rigorously assessed by Search Acumen’s professional in-house quality assurance team. The technology at their disposal also allows for greater coordination in both the production and monitoring of search reports.

Andrew Lloyd, managing director of Search Acumen, added:

“Conveyancers and their support teams are highly trained legal professionals whose time is better focused on their customers rather than routine administration. They need search data that they can readily use with the confidence that it is accurate and complete. Compliance is top of their agenda and there is no room for compromise on quality.

“Deductive technology drastically reduces the chance of human error within searches and minimises the need for extra manual quality assurance. The result is a faster and more rigorous process that makes more intelligent use of technology behind the scenes. By doing so, it removes one of the potential sticking points on the way to completion.”

Search Acumen’s technology has drawn praise from Legal Eye, the leading provider of best practice, risk management and compliance services to the legal services market.

Jaunita Gobby, director at Legal Eye Ltd, commented:

“I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Search Acumen’s deductive technology within its personal search process. It surprised me and had many more elements than I was expecting. It is a totally new way of not only uploading the results of the searches but the additional features that include risk management and quality checking are very impressive.

“Best practice and audit trails are important in our industry as well so I can clearly see the enormous benefit that this will be to Search Acumen and conveyancers.  Clever systems and IT make this an impressive offer.”

The launch of deductive technology comes as Search Acumen reveals it has built a 2.5% share of the property search market in its first year of business.¹ This has been achieved as conveyancing firms switch over to its unique IntelliSearch approach – designed to deliver a ‘step change’ in conveyancing searches.

The approach is based on combining in-depth knowledge of property searches with intelligent use of the latest technology to create products and services that better suit the needs of modern conveyancing firms.

Andrew Lloyd, managing director of Search Acumen, commented:

“We have spent a lot of time working with conveyancers to understand their processes. Since personal searches first emerged, the availability of information and potential use of technology has changed dramatically. Now is the time to reinvent how legal professionals can access property data so they are free to focus their time and effort on their own customers.

“Step one involves improving the basic process of ordering and delivering searches to ensure that it is as fast, accurate and efficient as possible. The next stage will be to add more innovative use of technology, backed up by proactive customer service, to stay one step ahead of conveyancers’ needs.”


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