Search Acumen comments on MHCLG English Housing Survey 2018 to 2019

Search AcumenMHCLG English Housing Survey 2018 to 2019

Andy Sommerville, Director at Search Acumen, comments:

“The housing ladder needs some more rungs. It’s all very well saying that anyone can buy but when the percentage of homeowners has stood still since 2013 it seems clear navigating the housing ladder is too precarious for most people to do so safely.

“Everyone is affected by the lack of suitable housing. From those who bought before starting families who now find themselves trapped in homes too small for their needs, to the social housing sector where overcrowding remains at its highest ever level.

“We need more housing and we need to make moving less burdensome – financially and emotionally. To do that we have to embrace the digitisation of integral conveyancing processes and that requires more open data. Bricks and mortar are a far cry from big data and algorithms but if we are serious about solving the housing crisis, we need to see greater commitment from both public and private sectors to unite them.”


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