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Seal Software announces new AI-driven innovations to reveal hidden insights into unstructured content

Seal SoftwareSeal Software [1] today announced the general availability of version 6 of its award-winning solution for the discovery, extraction, and analysis of contracts and other types of legal agreements. The latest release of Seal Content and Analytics provides several new AI-driven innovations to help the enterprise more easily reveal hidden insight from unstructured content. The new version builds on Seal’s longstanding approach to AI (artificial intelligence), analytics and machine learning to improve content contextualization across disparate sources, streamlining compliance and simplifying governance of contracts at Global 2000 companies.

“Our customers, who have achieved remarkable results using Seal [2] in their legal and procurement departments, are now looking to repeat this success across additional business units and processes.” said Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO at Seal Software. “Today’s enterprise is looking for faster and deeper analysis of unstructured content, which is greater in volume and variety than ever before. Seal helps these companies integrate this analysis with existing business processes to fuel real and practical digital transformation.”

Version 6 of the Seal platform addresses three critical pillars that support businesses looking for the kind of intelligence that improves overall business performance. With significant new features that extend these capabilities, Seal Content and Analytics now facilitates a more extensive range of use cases across different business departments and industry sectors.

Having a clear vision into contractual relationships is critical. While knowing the risks, obligations, and opportunities related to third parties is required for dealing with business, legal, and regulatory changes, this clarity is also a valuable and often untapped source of intelligence for the enterprise and large matrix organizations. Version 6 of the Seal platform makes it possible to more quickly and easily lower the costs, improve the quality, and reduce the risks associated with finding and managing contracts.

“We have been successfully deploying Seal analytics into large customers for several years now, not just for contracts, but for other document types,” said Jim Wagner, managing director at Apogee Legal Services, a Seal partner. “The V6 platform builds on this momentum. These enhancements will drive faster and broader adoption of AI-based content analysis across the enterprise.”