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Clive Fowler, Certainty

Clive Fowler heads Certainty’s help desk team

This year Clive celebrates his 10-year work anniversary. Clive heads up the Helpdesk at Certainty the National Will Register. Helpdesk deal with enquiries from members of the public and legal profession. Clive has a vast wealth of experience and understands the various problems people face if they are unsure if a Will exists, where it exists or if they have found the last Will.

Below are just a handful of this week’s online enquiries from members of the public that Clive and his team have skilfully and sensitively dealt with.

The questions in these enquiries reveal what may be happening in the background of matters that you have been instructed on.

Always protect yourself, the client, the testator and the beneficiaries by insisting that a Certainty Will Search is undertaken.

NB. The National Will Register never discloses the existence of a Will to a person who implements a Certainty Will Search. Following a search if a Will is identified, the searcher’s details are sent to the solicitor or organisation that holds the Will.

If someone has revised a Will, would your search identify both versions or only the most recent? I think the wrong version has being given to the solicitors.
Thank you in advance.
Mr ********

I am trying to find out if my late mother updated her Will which she made in 1978.

Her full name and address is:
Mrs ******** ***********
Thank you,
Best wishes,
Mr ********

Hello there,
I’m looking for some advice please. My sister and I were appointed as executors in a 1999 Will by our mother. There are four main beneficiaries, all four of us are sisters. One of the sisters (not an executor) thought she could recall a later Will being written.
Prior to commencing a Will search we contacted the relevant solicitor with the information she told us but they were sure that they didn’t hold a Will.
Can you advise the costs that would be levied?


Ms ******** ***********
Ms ******** ***********
Executors of Mrs ******** ***********

My mother passed away in 2006 on the 25th July. My mother’s name was ******** ***********, her date of birth was * August 19** and she lived in ****************. I feel like my father has kept something from me and my sister over the years. I have never seen a copy of my mother’s Will and I just want to see my mother’s wishes respected. I would be grateful if you could help me with the matter.

Kind regards,
Mrs ******** ***********

Hi there,

I am wondering if your Will search services includes Wills from Northern Ireland? My uncle has recently passed away and had told various members of the family that he had written a Will but we are unable to locate it.

I wonder if you can help me with an enquiry I have on behalf of my sister. She is elderly and doesn’t have the internet. She and her husband made a Will some years ago but unfortunately her husband took charge of the final Will and now has memory problems and doesn’t know where he put it. She has searched the house with no luck. Apparently, the name of the Will writers was ******** in Manchester but my searches have not found anything. How would she go about tracing their Will on The National Will Register?  Any advice would be most welcome.

Mr ******** ***********

I am trying to track down a copy of my mum’s Will. I have contacted all her local solicitors but have not heard back.


I’m trying to find out whether my parents Wills have been used for probate? Or which solicitor has them or not? My family have been quite horrible over my step-mother’s funeral, I think she passed away in October and the funeral was in late November 20th 2019, her name was ******** ***********, D.O.B. * August (not sure of her date of birth), lived at ******** *********** ******** ***********.

My dad passed away on Christmas Eve 2019, my siblings have not to this day informed me that he had passed. I’ve tried to contact them including my Dad after my mum passed using text, cards, leaving my contact details but they already had them. The attached will prove it with their terrible replies from my oldest brother ******** *********** and my youngest brother ******** ***********.

I know, as did everyone, we were all in the Will.

They have all treated me badly so I’m not sure they will now inform me if I’m still in it so this why I’m asking what do I need to know?

Please could you advise me, I’ve been passed your contact details via a solicitor. Thank you for your time.

The executors are ******** *********** from my dad’s side and ******** *********** from my step-mum’s side.

Kind regards


My aunt passed away this week and the hospital asked me to get involved as next of kin and emergency contact. I believe that she made a Will and other arrangements, and left things in the hands of her solicitor who was nominated as executor. As she has been in hospital for some time I have no reason to believe that her solicitor is aware of her death and would like to inform him/her. However, I have no idea who her solicitor is. Would a Will search give me this information please?

Many thanks,

Mr ******** ***********

Good Morning,

I am trying to locate a full copy of my Mothers Will. The solicitors she registered with seems to have closed. She is at present in care. I just want to know what I can do? I cannot trace the original Solicitor.

Hi there,

I would like to complete a Will search but am waiting for the death to be registered, so haven’t got exact confirmation of date of death as was around midnight so could be either of 2 days, how important is this aspect?

Kind Regards,

My friend and neighbour passed away yesterday and I was down as his emergency contact and key holder, he lived on his own and I’m trying to locate a Will if he had one. He owned his own property and had some savings. If you could advise me on how I should proceed; I’ve had a look in his home but with no luck.

Many thanks

Good day,

I require guidance about how to locate a copy of a Will that we know was made. My step-father has just passed away and to date we regretfully cannot find a copy.

We do not know the name of the firm but 2 people have confirmed that they signed and witnessed the Will. My step-father also confirmed to myself and friends that the Will had been made and that he had used the same firm as my mother, who has passed away, and we cannot recollect the name of the firm.

Can you please advise how we need to proceed with the search?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Mr ******** ***********


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