Risk to Coastal Properties Now Assessed in Terrafirma’s Ground Report

TerrafirmaNow Available – The First Property-Specific Coastal Hazards Risk Assessment Included in Terrafirma’s Market-Leading Ground Report.

If you’ve ever transacted on coastal properties, you may be aware that no conveyancing search report exists that assesses the risk to property and land from coastal hazards.

The reason for this, is that until now, it was not possible to assess the risk due to a lack of suitable property-specific coastal hazard data.

The Ground Report changes that. Terrafirma’s geologists, engineers and scientists have applied advanced modelling, extensive research, and in-house expertise in order to offer property professionals, mortgage lenders and prospective homeowners the first property-specific assessment and expert interpretation of the risk from coastal hazards.

Terrafirma’s new Coastal Hazards module:

  1. Includes expert interpretation of the risk to property and land from coastal erosion, cliff collapse, landslides, flooding, and sea-level rise.
  2. Considers sea defences, Environment Agency’s Shoreline Management Plan, and impact of climate change, supported by professional opinion.
  3. Assesses within a typical mortgage lifetime, short-term (20 years) and long-term (50 years) risk of property and land instability or collapse from coastal erosion.
  4. Includes insight into previously recorded landslides and collapse in the vicinity of the site and assesses the risk to property and land, now and in the future with expected changes to respective Shoreline Management Plan.
  5. Utilises all relevant coastal hazard data and considers the impact of climate change with a timeline for expected coastal regression at property.

Available today (14th September) from all reputable search providers, Terrafirma’s new Coastal Hazards module is offered within the Ground Report, alongside an integrated official CON29M, All Other Mining, Natural Ground Perils, Ground Movement, Radon, Oil and Gas Activity and Mineral Planning to provide peace of mind from ground hazards to all involved in property and land transactions.

“At Terrafirma, we have made it our mission to enable property professionals to understand the ground. We have led the way in innovatively translating ground risk into expert opinion and professional advice for conveyancing, but coastal hazards was the one problem left to solve and our experts have worked tirelessly to make it a reality.”
– Tom Backhouse CEO and Founder

To help promote this important development for the conveyancing industry and raise awareness of the risks coastal hazards pose to property and land across England and Wales, Terrafirma have created a new interactive story map – ‘The Rising Risks to Coastal Property and Land’. It details five key coastal locations that are on the frontline of this battle, and without significant intervention, face the threat of substantial coastal retreat, putting coastal properties and land at risk.

As part of this research, Terrafirma have uncovered, as a worst-case scenario, approx. 31,000 properties and approx. 21,000 acres of land are at risk over the next 100 years from coastal retreat. This is at 95% confidence, assuming that there is No Active Intervention to manage the coast.

Discover the latest Coastal Hazards update, available today (14th September) and speak to a preferred provider.

Founder of Terrafirma and Geologist, Tom Backhouse will be presenting a live Coastal Hazards event as part of Terrafirma’s Education Series on Tuesday 15th September, sign up to learn more.


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