Rhodda & Co install new case management system Hoowla

Rhodda & CoClacton on Sea based Rhodda & Co has chosen to implement the Hoowla Case Management Software for their conveyancing department to continue offering their clients the top class service the firm is known for.

A modern firm with a focus on offering clients a friendly, personal and professional service, Rhodda & Co specialise in wills and probate and conveyancing within the local area and beyond. We asked them a few questions about why they picked Hoowla.

Why did you decide to replace your existing system?

Our old system was incredibly difficult to alter or to add to. Conveyancing is a legal area which is always changing in some way and letters, workflows, reports and documents need to be altered often and this took too much time with the old system and often resulted in calls for help needing to be logged.

The customer service of the providers of the old system was also very unsatisfactory with call backs taking hours (not helpful in a busy office) and in one instance which proved to be the final catalyst to our decision to change a request we made was completely disregarded which led to our conveyancing department losing a days work.

Why was Hoowla the chosen supplier for Rhodda & Co?

We began our search by asking other local firms what system they used and looking at the websites for those providers. We also made a search ourselves of providers of case management systems and this is when we came across Hoowla though in honesty initially we did not consider Hoowla.

We arranged demos with around 4 different providers. We tried more but were told by some providers we were too small for them to consider providing us with a demo. The demos we were given showed those case management systems to be adequate but they did not fulfil our criteria in full. We therefore requested a demo with Hoowla on their case management system and were immediately impressed by the initial demo. Adam who gave our demo approached the demo and us in a very individual way and showed us the ways the system fit around us not the way we could fit around the system which is what the other demos lacked.

Our requirements for a system were that we wanted a system which we could tailor to our way of working, that we could easily alter at anytime without having to refer to the provider for too much technical support and that had excellent customer support to help us transition. It was evident from the demo that Hoowla ticked all our boxes and so our decision was easy thereafter.

How are Rhodda & Co benefiting from using Hoowla?

We are producing letters etc much quicker allowing us to do more work in the day.

When templates, workflows, documents, reports and letters need altering it is easy for the Head of Department to do so without needing help from the provider.

The Head of the department finds it easy to tailor the system to the firms way of working and the staff within the firm.

It is easier from a glance at the case screen to see at what stage a matter is.

Even printing out letters is easier with the integrated letterhead.

The customer service is second to none. All of Hoowla are there to assist whenever needed but in honesty the system is so simple most issues can be worked out without recourse to Hoowla staff.

In one sentence, why would Rhodda & Co recommend other firms use Hoowla?

A simple, adaptable yet professional system with outstanding customer service.

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