Revolutionising legal digital marketing: The Keyword ROI Tool

By Legal Futures Associate Legmark

How much money will you make from investing in SEO?  The answer has always been: ‘it depends’.  Not anymore.

The Keyword ROI tool is a game-changer for legal marketing, empowering firms with the ability to calculate the potential returns on investment for individual keywords. Imagine pinpointing the exact value of ranking for “accident at work claim” or “divorce solicitor London”. This tool makes it a reality, offering real-time search volume data, industry-standard click-through rates, and a comprehensive revenue calculation based on desired Google rankings.

Here’s how it works: A firm selects a keyword, and the tool fetches real-time search volume. Choose your aimed Google position, and it predicts traffic to your landing page. Input your website’s conversion rate, the rate of enquiry to client conversion, and the typical revenue from such a client. Instantly, you see the potential revenue. Adjust positions or conversion rates, and the tool recalculates, offering insights into how changes affect revenue potential.

Why is this a breakthrough for law firms? For the first time, marketing decisions can be based on concrete financial projections rather than gut feelings or generic industry advice. This precision allows for smarter investment in SEO and targeted content creation, focusing efforts where they’re most profitable.

Moreover, the Keyword ROI tool is exclusive to the Digital Dashboard, making registration not just appealing but essential for forward-thinking law firms. It’s not just about seeing where you stand; it’s about knowing where you can go and how to get there financially. This level of insight into keyword profitability, tailored specifically for the legal sector, is unprecedented.

In an era where digital presence can make or break a law firm’s success, understanding the financial implications of your online strategy is paramount. The Keyword ROI tool we’ve created doesn’t just offer insights; it provides a roadmap for growth, profitability, and competitive advantage.

For law firms looking to demystify the ROI of their digital marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions that align with their financial goals, the Keyword ROI tool within the Legmark Digital Dashboard is the missing piece. It’s time to move beyond traditional SEO metrics and embrace a future where every content decision can be tied back to tangible returns.


Explore the potential of the Keyword ROI tool for your firm. Register for the Digital Dashboard today and unlock the insights that will define your firm’s digital marketing success.

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