ReviewSolicitors chosen as SRA launches pilot for client reviews

ReviewSolicitorsReviewSolicitors are very pleased to have been invited to work with the SRA on their initial pilot for client reviews.  Reviews have quickly become mainstream within legal services…

ReviewSolicitors are very pleased to have been invited to work with the SRA on their initial pilot for client reviews.

Reviews have quickly become mainstream within legal services and clients expect to read reviews about a law firm before instructing them. The SRA’s study aims to produce findings on transparency within the legal market, both in terms of the amount of information available to clients when it comes to instructing a law firm, and the Quality Indicators that allow clients to make service comparisons.

As the UK’s largest legal review site, ReviewSolicitors is working closely with the SRA to help law firms improve their review collection.

By taking part in the study, firms can take a proactive role in shaping the future of information transparency within the legal services industry, making it the ideal opportunity for law firms to showcase their forward thinking approach to client care.

With a breadth of experience in the legal services market spanning across 6 years, ReviewSolicitors understands the profundity of online reviews as well as the integral role that they currently play in client instructions of legal services – and that role is being brought to the forefront by the SRA.

The SRA’s study is the first opportunity to look at how legal reviews work, with the aim of illuminating comprehensive insights into the transparency of the firms that it regulates. ReviewSolicitors is excited to be able to assist you with your review collection, as your trusted third party platform for client testimonials. We are here to help you understand the importance of review collection, how to best engage with the reviews that you are left, and most importantly – how to gain this feedback effectively.

ReviewSolicitors has experience in assisting firms of all sizes in transitioning over from traditional paper based review collection, to modern comprehensive online reviews.

Be proactive in your approach for collecting client feedback as the SRA implements these inevitable changes to the information available to prospective legal consumers. This is an unparalleled turning point for the future of legal service provision and the SRA’s involvement highlights the prominence of its impact.

If you want to start your review collection journey with ReviewSolicitors, register your interest here.


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