Redbrick Solutions 2023 CPD events provided an insightful look into the latest trends and technologies shaping the world of conveyancing

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The Future of Digital Conveyancing CPD Events, hosted by reputable conveyancing case management provider Redbrick Solutions, provided an insightful look into the latest trends and technologies shaping the world of conveyancing. The events gathered professionals from the legal sector to discuss and learn about the future of property transactions.

The four CPD events were spread across the UK, and Redbrick was joined by an array of knowledgeable and informative speakers from Armalytix, CLS Property Insight, Groundsure, IQ Legal Training, LMS, and TM Group. Each session delved into the legal aspects of digital conveyancing, addressing issues such as compliance, security, and regulatory considerations. Attendees were provided with practical insights into how adopting digital conveyancing tools and technologies can streamline conveyancing processes and enhance efficiency.

The Future of Digital Conveyancing CPD Events delegate feedback:

“Great knowledge topics.”

“Different ways of engaging with people – quizzes etc.”

“The content variety and the speaker at the end of the day [IQ Legal Training] was fantastic!”

“Fantastic networking event.”

The events provided ample opportunities for attendees to network with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships.

The Future of Digital Conveyancing CPD Events offered a forward-looking perspective on the evolving landscape of property transactions. Attendees gained valuable insights into the benefits of embracing digital technologies and the events served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration among professionals in the field.

Redbrick Solutions look forward to future events that will continue to drive innovation in digital conveyancing.

For more information about Redbrick Solutions and how your law firm can manage conveyancing matters digitally, download the Redbrick brochure or request a software demonstration.


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