Quill’s employee mental health support programme enhanced by partnering with Able Futures

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With employee wellbeing one of Quill’s highest priorities, the company has partnered with Able Futures to enhance its mental health support provision.

Delivered by qualified health care professionals, services include help with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, communication skills, financial management, sleeping, achieving goals, motivation, anger management, assertiveness and time management.

Because everyone’s mental health problems vary greatly, individual support plans are devised for those seeking support.

As part of the government-funded scheme with Able Futures in association with the Department for Work & Pensions, Quill employees can access confidential counselling on a face-to-face basis, via email or over the phone. There’s no waiting list which means its staff can start getting support within one day of making contact and continue for up to 9 months each time the service is used.

Being free, flexible and fast, Quill’s workforce is assured of overcoming any mental health difficulties without delay and in the right format to suit their circumstances.

According to latest statistics, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year. That’s why this latest health care initiative with Able Futures has been forged to keep employee wellbeing firmly at the top of its internal agenda, embrace its caring employer responsibilities which are taken extremely seriously and positively impact employee engagement by demonstrating how devoted Quill is to looking after those who work there.

Corrine Blake, Quill’s HR Manager, comments: “More people are experiencing mental ill health than ever before for many reasons. At Quill, our employees are our primary concern. We wouldn’t want any of our workers to suffer in silence by having no one to turn to and prolong recovery by asking for support late in the day.

“At our latest ‘News, Views & Eats’ company update forums, we informed employees about our newly available mental health services. Now they know when and how to get in touch with the Able Futures team, should they find themselves in a position of needing it. They can also continue to benefit from our existing workplace health scheme and receive cash back towards health bills.

“As an aside, if other employers are interested in joining up too, we’d urge them to connect with Angela Han at Able Futures. It’s proven that looked-after employees are more productive so there’s something in it for all concerned – employees and employers alike.”


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