Quill reports company-wide past and future growth at AGM

QuillLegal software and outsourcing provider, Quill, unveiled its latest company statistics during its staff AGM and CPD afternoon on 10th May which demonstrate healthy growth and strong financial security.

For the financial year ending March 2019, headline figures include 115 newly acquired clients, equating to an 18% increase in its client base for its flagship Interactive legal accounts, case and practice management software. Additionally, Interactive’s optional document management system add-ins have seen a 31% increase across both existing and new clients.

Quill attributes these expanding user figures to new market entrants failing to live up to expectations and some suppliers’ complacent attitudes towards software development while in other cases there’s cost dissatisfaction and lack of legacy systems’ preparedness for Making Tax Digital (MTD) reform.

Conversely, Quill always strives to deliver on its promises, and Interactive is subject to continual functional developments through a regularly updated software roadmap, is modestly priced yet awash with user-friendly features, contains significant enhancements to its add-ins thereby making document management even easier and is recognised by HMRC for MTD.

These sentiments are echoed by Ross Auld, Chief Operating Officer at Burt Brill & Cardens Limited, who says: “Before, we were paying a premium for our software but only using the legal accounts tools. Interactive, however, is very affordably priced and still comes with all the bells and whistles, such as case and document management capabilities.”

Where Quill’s Pinpoint cashiering service is concerned, there’s been a 5% rise in transaction volumes in the past 12 months. In real terms, this means the Pinpoint team processed nearly 2.2 million accounting transactions, up by 100,000 on the previous year.

Quill has a unique ability to cashier on its own software and, therefore, has much tighter management controls than other providers who cashier on third-party systems. This factor alone typically makes Pinpoint the first choice for law firms looking at the outsourced option.

Other reasons cited by Quill for Pinpoint’s heightened popularity comprise MTD – with many practices assigning Quill as their agent to manage the entire MTD submission process – and streamlined operational procedures – leading to month end rule-off being completed a whole day earlier every month.

This is reflected in the multiple Pinpoint clients who wax lyrical about Quill’s end-to-end legal accounting service. Jane Lodeto, Solicitor & Director at Browns Solicitors, states: “One way in which Quill’s different is its outsourced accounting service because the service and software come together. This dual provision is unique. We merely log our e-chits onto Interactive then all of our financial transactions are checked and maintained within the tight boundaries of the Rules by our Pinpoint cashier. We’re constantly reminded of why outsourcing is best.”

Finally, not to be missed is its outsourced payroll service, also subject to rapid expansion with Quill quoting a 15% increase in the number of employee payrolls processed each month. Amongst the many determinants is Quill’s closely forged partnerships with accountancy practices whereby payroll provision is made on a white label basis.

Imran Khawaja, Managing Partner at Armstrong & Co Solicitors, explains: “With payroll and pension regulations, you can either take a view to employ a knowledgeable person for the role or outsource to the experts. By outsourcing, it’s plain sailing. Compliance is assured. We recommend Quill for the job!”

As well as informing AGM-attending staff about its current financial status, Quill outlined its plans for the coming year in a concerted effort to provide even more time saving and efficiency enhancing functionality for lawyers, and introduce further internal measures to deliver even better outsourced services.

Julian Bryan, Quill’s Managing Director, comments: “Our AGM is an opportunity not only to advise employees about our present positioning but also a chance to focus everyone’s minds on defined priorities. For 2019 to 2020, the latter comprises additional investment in ongoing portfolio development and training, both of which will positively impact clients who use products which constantly evolve to the industry’s changing needs and receive exemplary support by staff with the right skill-sets.”

To find out more on Quill and its solutions for law firms, please visit www.quill.co.uk, email info@quill.co.uk or call 0161 236 2910.

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