A guide for estate practitioners; understanding the process of administrating shares within United Kingdom estates

CertaintyWe are delighted to welcome Netsai Mupikata from Finders International who will be presenting the next instalment of Certainty Expert Webinar

The increasing accessibility to financial investment advice largely owing to the advent of the internet continues to open the possibilities of retail investment products to the average person. Continuing on from the 1980’s boom in the trade of stocks and shares, people have become increasingly investment savvy and less risk adverse meaning that many UK residents consider investment in stock and shares to be the norm when creating an investment portfolio.

Sadly many investors of the 1980’s and 90’s are now passing away. This means that estate practitioners and life planners are encountering shareholdings in UK and foreign listed companies such as Rolls Royce and Dr Pepper Snapple as part of the estate administration process. Many of our clients instruct us to transfer, hold or sell the shareholdings within an estate, however they struggle to understand the process and mechanisms behind the administration of shares in the UK.

This webinar hopes to provide an understanding of the channels used by stockbrokers to transfer, hold and sell shares – it is this information which can be relayed to clients when they enquire about the process. Hence shedding a light on the more administrative albeit less thrilling share (sale) process conveyed in the big budget cinema blockbusters of the 1980’s and present day!


  • CREST explained
  • Brokerage Nominee accounts – and the process of selling
  • Foreign shares and CREST
  • How safe are you shares? Brokerage nominee accounts
  • Compensation schemes
  • The Singapore model

Netsai Mupikata has worked within the private client legal sector since 2011, gaining a wide range of experience in probate genealogy, estate administration, Wills and probate and administration of foreign and domestic assets within estates. Having worked as a private client solicitor herself and currently in a non-practicing role, assisting solicitors through the estate administration process as International Asset Services Manager at Finders International, Netsai has a first-hand experience, insight and appreciation of the needs, questions and complexities encountered by personal representatives, beneficiaries and estate practitioners.

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