Professionals can now use Philips web-application for dictation and trancription free of charge for 30-days to support home working

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The recent switch to home working due to lockdown has made legal firms turn to remote and cloud technology to carry on providing important services to their clients. Key to maintaining the efficiency of those services is making sure document creation is fast and accurate, so client cases move down the line towards resolution with high levels of customer service.

To help legal firms with productivity and better staff collaboration during lockdown, Philips is offering SpeechLive free of charge for 30 days. SpeechLive is a dictation and transcription web-application that allows solicitors and secretaries to create and share any client correspondence or internal memoranda from anywhere, ideal when working from home.

How does it work?

If you do the dictations:

  • Use the Philips voice recorder app, or a digital voice recorder, or a desktop microphone to do your dictations and send the files to the SpeechLive web-portal for typing
  • Optional use of Speech Recognition – your dictation file is transcribed almost instantly by a speech recognition engine
  • External Transcription Service is available on-demand and particular useful to cover staff absence, holiday or illness

If you do the typing:

  • Easy access to all dictation and transcription files in the SpeechLive portal
  • Email notification of new dictations that have been sent to you, including their priority
  • Playback the dictations using the SpeechLive user interface or connect a foot pedal and headset to you PC to do the transcriptions
  • Save time by using the speech recognition option and do only text corrections and document formatting

How to get started:

SpeechLive is very easy to set it up. No IT knowledge is required, only internet access and a browser are needed.

  1. Download the App on your smartphone:

Philips Voice Recorder app for iPhone

Philips Voice Recorder app for Android

  1. Create a SpeechLive trial account HERE>>
  1. Connect your newly created SpeechLive trial account to the smartphone app and start your dictations

 You can add up to 10 users in a single free trial account to make the most of collaboration between solicitors and assistants to quickly turn dictations into final documents. Simply add colleagues in your SpeechLive account with a click of a mouse and they’ll automatically receive an email invitation to join in.

SpeechLive is a standalone solution and works alongside any case management system. It’s GDPR compliant and offers data encryption, search and backup functions, so clients’ data is always available and secure.

Would you like a hand to set it up?

Email or call us on +44 (0)1206 755755.


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