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Long-range weather forecasts predict freezing temperatures, heavy snow and icy storms beginning as early as November and continuing for four months. As a nation, we simply don’t cope well with severe wintry conditions and our travel network, particularly, struggles to maintain any semblance of normality.

For businesses this means one thing: protracted disruption as staff can’t journey into the office.

If you consider that only one day’s lost productivity is estimated to cost our economy £1bn, just imagine the crippling financial losses incurred over a drawn-out four month period. For many companies, this can signal demise. A colder-than-average winter, then, may cause multiple professional casualties.

While this is worst case scenario and there’s a possibility forecasters are wrong about their predictions, it’s heartening to know there’s an easy way to protect your organisation from weather-induced disaster: outsourcing.

Outsourcing is the process whereby you cease to perform certain functions internally and instead allocate the task to a carefully chosen outsourced provider. With an outsourced set up, business continuity comes as standard. Even as the cold snap takes its icy grip, it’s business as usual. Not a single hour’s downtime. There are systems and policies in place to ensure this is the case.

With Quill, choose to outsource…

  • IT: Cloud-hosted case management, legal accounts and document management software, Interactive, fully managed by us. Even better, as it’s cloud based, you can access your matters, accounts and documents whenever, wherever so being snowed in at home isn’t a problem.
  • Cashiering: Our Pinpoint team look after your accounts in compliance with strict regulatory guidelines.
  • Payroll: We process your payroll and pensions to help you meet your HMRC and Pensions Regulator obligations.
  • Typing: Powered by Law Society-accredited Document Direct, our Type service keeps your document production on track.

For you, there are no more worries about your legal, IT and admin teams conquering the snow. With employers increasingly urged to develop strategies for dealing with major travel issues, outsourcing is the easiest to implement and most robust option. That’s because, at Quill, our promise is this: we’re always in.

Can you fail to be tempted by 247, 365 cover in the run up to winter?

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