poweredbypie launches Document Portal to enable secure exchange of sensitive client data

poweredbypieBy Legal Futures’ Associate poweredbypie

Search and software provider poweredbypie has announced the launch of Document Portal, a new solution for solicitors to enable the secure electronic exchange of all documentation within the conveyancing process.  By removing the need to ‘print and post’, Document Portal offers a simple, secure solution to speed-up the exchange of documentation between solicitors and clients.

Carole Ankers, chief product & technology officer, poweredbypie explains: “Document Portal is part of our Brighter Law suite of products.  For many years, Brighter Law has allowed solicitors to streamline communication online, by managing new client interaction and providing instant quotations with the aim of increasing conversion rates.

“Following many months of research and development we have taken the time to understand the needs of solicitors and the challenges they face in the conveyancing process,” continues Ankers.  “The result of this insight is Document Portal, which allows client documents to be stored, accessed and shared safely online, negating the need for physical copies.  It is both simple to use and set-up and takes care of the technology needed to supply a secure 2 Factor Authentication for electronic document exchange, removing the delays associated with paper-based legal forms and mitigating the risks posed by email communications.

As Cybersecurity continues to be one of the most serious threats facing the legal community, it is essential for firms to take a secure approach to the protection of sensitive client data.  According to the SRA Risk Outlook 2018/19, in the first quarter of 2018 over 70% of all cybersecurity reports were directly attributed to email modification fraud, a sophisticated method of interception designed to capture client bank details and personal information.  Document Portal removes this risk, providing secure 2 Factor Authentication to store and share legal documents which are accessible only to those with authorised access.”

Document Portal now enables law firms to create a document portfolio which includes intuitive, editable forms and digital signature facility provided by the leading eSignature brand DocuSign.  Not only does this provide a secure, streamlined environment for client data, it also highlights to the client exactly what information needs to be filled-in, first time, every time. “

On 4 September 2019 the Law Commission set out a statement to end uncertainty and increase confidence in the use of electronic signatures  https://www.lawcom.gov.uk/project/electronic-execution-of-documents/.  Commercial and Common Law Commissioner, Stephen Lewis said:   “Our report aims to provide an accessible statement of the law which makes it clear that an electronic signature can generally be used in place of a handwritten signature as long as the usual rules on signatures are met.”

Carole Ankers continues, “As a technical solutions provider and partner to law firms up and down the country, it’s our job to look at the issues that affect our clients and come up with solutions.  We are very excited to launch our secure portal that enables solicitors to exchange sensitive documentation giving the law firm a real point of difference while inspiring confidence and trust.”


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